Sunday, July 18, 2010

I'm in such a blah mood.

I've been so horrible at blogging lately. I guess it's because I have wayy too many blogs to even attempt to keep up with and I just feel so... obligated. Plus it's summer and summer just isn't my favorite time of the year. I hate summer! I've been so lazy lately, all I ever feel like doing is sleeping and reading. 

I've got a few books that I recieved for review and I'm lagging behind on them because I'm reading the new releases instead. Ack! So many books, not enough time or brain space to read them! I've recently found that I enjoy review books much more than I like reviewing makeup...

Speaking of, I've been racking my brain to find a way to get me back into blogging on in her closet. I know it started off as a makeup blog, but I don't really want it to stay a makeup blog. I named it "in her closet" so I could branch off and write reviews on other things that really matter to me, after all it is my blog, I should be able to review whatever I want, right?

I do have a seperate book blog floating around blogspot so I wasn't sure if I would throw in book reviews, though I might, because it's something I'm into right now and besides, I do store them in my closet, literally. Don't get me wrong, I still want to review makeup, but just not as much... gah, I hope this makes sense... or maybe I'm just rambling... I also want to go back to blogging here too... I miss it here! I haven't had much of a desire to blog at my domain, I just really have no idea why it's there... 

I need a vacation. From all this blogging stuff lol.

School is getting harder. I mean, I knew it would, we're not really noobs anymore, we're getting into the more serious classes, but I didn't expect it to kick my ass like this... like right now, I'm suppose to be turning in my final assignment. I should be glad I have a final assignment and not a final. I just hate how once you actually start to get what the class is about, you're off to the next class. *sigh.

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