Wednesday, February 17, 2010


G O O D N E S S ! ! ! !

I took Midol 6 hours ago, 12 hour relief my ass!! I'm having really really bad stomach cramps right now, I'm literally curled up on my chair and all I wanna do is sleep!!! This is so unfair!!! :(


Monday, February 8, 2010

Valentines Day.

Valentines Day is coming up. And its one of my favorite holidays and I wish I had time to get into the holiday spirit, but considering our debt and our bills, its hardly anything I'm excited about. We're thinking of ways to resolve this debt situation which sucks big time, but it is our fault for putting ourselves in this situation. I need to realize that the things I do to hurt other people end up just hurting myself in the end.

But just because we dont have much money this Valentines Day doesnt mean it has to be a shitty one, right? Our first Valentines Day together, I wasnt expecting anything at all. I never had a Valentine before my husband (17 and never had a Valentine? How sad. My boyfriend's always broke up with me before holidays, jerks). I was surprised when we got to my house and he had a stuffed animal, a huge box of chocolates and a card for me! I had only gotten him a card and the Queen of the Damned CD (because I broke his on accident... it was in his pocket and I sat on his lap. Srsly who keeps their CD's in their pockets?! Anyway, that CD was later stolen by his older brother. Ugh). And we cooked dinner together (Hamburger Helper)! We were broke high school students.

So why cant things be like that now? Just because now I'm 24 and not 17 doesnt mean that he has to go all out and buy me Tiffany & Co (or in my case, Wicked tickets) or anything flashy and pricey. We're still together, we're still so much in love, we still care about each other and we're not married. Shouldnt just being together be enough? I dont know where I got this crazy idea that now that we're older it should be more "grown up".

Truth is, if he got me nothing at all, I dont think I would mind. I just want to spend the day with him. Curled up on the couch watching Food Network like we do all the time. I just want tight hugs and forehead kisses.

Though, some Ferro Rocher wouldnt hurt :)

I dont know what our plans are for this year, maybe the usual. Todai for lunch and just being together after. Or maybe skipping Todai, not sure yet. But I do know I have to go grab a gift for mom and dad and husband before everything is sold out! I didnt realize Valentines Day was coming so fast already!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

A piece of me in: February 10'

OMG I cant believe I forgot about this! I was thinking about it all last month too!

I like
  • My new Palm Pixi!!
  • That Nicolas Dromard and Neka Zang remember me by name!
  • That Valentines Day is coming up, its my favorite holiday!

I dont like:
  • Our bills situation...
  • That its still been freezing cold!
  • I dont have enough time to update my blogs lately.

I want you to know:
  • I've been super super busy lately!
  • I hope to stay home an entire weekend sometime so that I can update my blog layouts!

I've planned:
  • To change my last name next week.... finally!
  • To change my blog layouts.
  • To attend a new school, I really hope it works out.
  • To still see Wicked once a month :)
  • To sell A BUNCH of my makeup that I have not used or even touched! <<>

I want to say to someone special:

I love that we're married. I loved that you were alright with driving all the way to SF yesterday just because I missed Eddy on Wednesday. I love that even though you're not as obsessed with Wicked as I am, you still talk to Neka and Nicolas with me. I love that you support all that I do and I love that you love supporting me. I'm sorry I've been snappy lately, somethings just making me unhappy and I dont know what it is! But thank you for taking time to calm me down and kissing away all the worries. I love you. Always.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I got my Palm Pixi!!!

YES! Husband finally gave in yesterday before class and I got my adorable Palm Pixi and we switched phone providers! He got himself an HTC Hero, which is pretty awesome. It has A LOT more apps than the Pixi does. I'm so excited! We can watch TV, download apps, steam Pandora and a bunch of other stuff on our phones. Yayyy!

I'm going to mourn the Wicked today for the 4th time, I'm pretty excited. I always get excited when I see Wicked haha! It's Eddy & Patty's last week so I'm hoping to be able to chit chat with Eddy for a bit and grab a picture with him before he leaves us!

I'm planning to redo all my blogger layouts and get a domain up for my beauty blog sometime soon, I just havent really had time to do anything lately. Even with classes only 2 days a week, I feel like I dont have any time since most things we have to do, are closed on the weekends, booo!

Alright, time to get ready, I wanna grab some $1 oatmeal at Jamba Juice today :)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Busy :(

I suck. I've been trying my best to update my blogs and send off packages and all this other stuff and there just arent enough hours in a day or days in a week to get everything I want to get done, done!

Tried to get classes this semester, which was hard because 1) ALL the classes filled up within 8 hours of the sign ups opening... which is crazy, I've never experienced that before 2) people were circling around the overflow parking lot like it was one of the main 4 parking lots my school has... which means... no parking, not much hope in getting a class 3) the teachers decided this semester they're going to give priority to their previous students. Wonderful. The 23 out of the 26 of us who WERENT a previous student didnt have a shot at the 3 slots open for late add. Wonderful. So yes, this semester pretty much sucks.

On the upside, I have a PE class that I've taken for the last 4yrs. No need to spend extra money on books! And it'll get me semi ready for my PT training.

Other than that, been trying to find a job, trying to find time to change my last name since we FINALLY got our marriage license, trying to figure out what to do about our bills (why do men make stupid decisions without thinking first?!), been trying not to start screaming and bashing my head against the wall (that sounds like it would be a GREAT way to get rid of this stress, except for, I'll probably end up with a HUGE headache) and since the weather is nicer now, husband is going to start prepping me for the Air Force.

Yes, I'm joining the military.

And the first thing that popped into my head? Who's going to maintain my emails and blogs?! Of course, my husband being the loving amazing person he is (when hes not being lazy), offered.

Why am I joining the military? Well for one, I was suppose to join after high school (to the Army) but my mom made a big deal about it for some reason and wouldnt let it go, so I ended up not going. And I kinda regret it, I think I shoulda had just gone anyway. So, I've always wanted to go. Besides, I think it'll be good for me. Like I told my husband, its like throwing a princess into the military, I need to un-princess myself. And I think if I get through this, I'll believe in myself more. I'll be so proud of myself for once. My life will be much more organized and I wont feel like I'm doing nothing in life. I think it'll be a GREAT learning experience for me. And an exciting journey.

I'm part of the 3% of Americans that suffer from full blown OCD, and I'd also love to be part of the 3% of Americans that arent afraid to join the military. Wouldnt that be wonderful? To be part of two different statistics completely opposite of each other?