Sunday, February 7, 2010

A piece of me in: February 10'

OMG I cant believe I forgot about this! I was thinking about it all last month too!

I like
  • My new Palm Pixi!!
  • That Nicolas Dromard and Neka Zang remember me by name!
  • That Valentines Day is coming up, its my favorite holiday!

I dont like:
  • Our bills situation...
  • That its still been freezing cold!
  • I dont have enough time to update my blogs lately.

I want you to know:
  • I've been super super busy lately!
  • I hope to stay home an entire weekend sometime so that I can update my blog layouts!

I've planned:
  • To change my last name next week.... finally!
  • To change my blog layouts.
  • To attend a new school, I really hope it works out.
  • To still see Wicked once a month :)
  • To sell A BUNCH of my makeup that I have not used or even touched! <<>

I want to say to someone special:

I love that we're married. I loved that you were alright with driving all the way to SF yesterday just because I missed Eddy on Wednesday. I love that even though you're not as obsessed with Wicked as I am, you still talk to Neka and Nicolas with me. I love that you support all that I do and I love that you love supporting me. I'm sorry I've been snappy lately, somethings just making me unhappy and I dont know what it is! But thank you for taking time to calm me down and kissing away all the worries. I love you. Always.

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twinsouls888 said...

Oh I tried to update my blog header and my blog posts were ruined, the continue reading widget was gone hehe. Now, I'm afraid to do any blog updating. ^_^

But I wish you goodluck on your blog updates. :)