Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday Five!

YES!!! I finally remembered this week!! Haha.

1. Who’s making a positive difference in your life?

Taboo words: friends, family, husband/wife/spouse, boyfriend/girlfriend.
All the people who support my goals for this year without adding "thats stupid/random/doesnt make sense" at the end.

2. Where would you like to be right now?
Taboo words: home, bed, anywhere but here.
Right now, I'm where I want to be.

3. What’s the first thing you’d do with a $5,000 (or your local equivalent) gift?
Taboo words: save, debt, vacation, payments, invest.
SHOPPING duh! Everything else will work itself out. $5000 wouldnt even cover what I owe LOL.

4. What super-power would you really like to have?
Taboo words: invisibility, x-ray vision, flying, strength, transform.
I always wanted to read minds. Even before Twilight came out. I always thought it would be cool, even if people think bad about you... it would still be cool!

5. What’s your favorite sound?
Taboo words: laughter, music, ocean, wind, ____’s voice.
I agree with Mai, PEACE AND QUIET! Oh and the sound of drumline practicing. Practicing as in pre-practicing when everyone's just banging on snare drums randomly. I dont know, after so many years its just comforting now haha.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Eventful weekend!

SPiNNiNG: Shes by Ryan Cabrera <3.

Had a super busy weekend.

Thursday (7/23) - Went to the 925, had Panera Bread for lunch. I'm hooked on their new Chicken Cobb Salad! Went to a small bead store I heard about, it was cute and they had plenty of supplies but not much of a Swarovski selection. Went to Fry's and ended up picking up snacks/candy. Martin wanted to "take matters into his own hands" and we ended up at Chuck E Cheese! Haha. We checked it out, they just finished building it a few weeks ago. And it turns out... they had our favorite game at D&B's there! But for a quarter! We were thisclose to beating the game. Darn, next time we're bringing $3 haha. Headed over to Michael's and he helped me pick out some more charms and crystals =). Checked if their Longs Drugs turned into a CVS yet and THEY DID! I missed the sale! And they took out the NYX stand =(. Went to Best Buy, I forgot why... lol. Then went to Kohls to check for my shirt, which they of course didnt have. Martin had me trying on random clothes lol.

Friday (7/24) - Happy Birthday Samm0e! After spending almost an entire month looking for a top for my cousins wedding, ended up deciding to just wear something I already had. Grr. I totally forgot to buy shoes though! So we went to have lunch at our (my) favorite sushi place. Went to Payless, they didnt have a huge selection of heel's there. Went to Target and found a cute wrap around shirt. Went to Kohls and found these cute heel's for $24. They rang up as $75! Hell no those werent worth that much nor would I had even glanced at them if they were that much! I got my price adjustment. Whew. Went to the county fair and I had a great time with my love, even though we didnt do much.

Walked around, had my traditional Strawberry Shortcake, ran into some of his friends, had a deep fried burrito which was DELiCiOUS! Went to look at the animals, of course. Lots of hugs and laughs! Got dinner at Wendy's and went home.

Saturday (7/25) - Got up at 10Am-ish. Got ready for my cousins wedding. Headed over to the house. Got to see my cousin from Australia! And my niece (who will be featuring in a video with me very soon *cough*) shes the prettiest thing ever! We were talking about my youtube cause my cousin from Australia was sitting between us and hes like "what are you guys talking about" and we're like "nothing!" haha. The wedding was really short, there was a half hour delay and the wedding itself was like 10 minutes long lol. It's so surreal that Elroy got married! I swear we're still kids! But we're totally not. They were both laughing during their vows, it was the cutest thing ever. I'm glad I'm not the only one who'll be cracking up in the middle of my vows. Ryan's best man speech was great haha. I tried really hard not to fall all night and I ended up falling on the way to the car. Ugh. It was nice seeing all my cousins again. I barely ever get to see them any more. My uncle from Australia was making me promise to tell him when I get married lol! He's the coolest.

Sunday (7/26) - Was the after-wedding-party. Does anyone else do this? My family has a party after the day of the wedding too lol. Picked up Martin, and he was all nice and dressed up!! He even fixed his hair. It was cute! I only took one pic, with my sidekick. I wish I took more hehe. We went to Vacaville, I got some Panda Express (he got me hooked on the Kung Pow Chicken) and I went to Panera Bread so I was sitting there eating both! Haha. Martin was like "what am I suppose to eat?" and I'm like "uh... I dont know?!" hahaha!! Hella fat. I was hungry! Went to my bead store and I picked up some stuff for Audrey's necklace that she mentioned. Gonna see if I can pull it off. Went to Kohls and returned those damn heel's! Headed to Elroy's. Everyone was just lounging around, which was cool. Sat around with my cousins and watched the Food Network. Then headed out to get some groceries at Wal Mart. Had some Fro-Yo and some more Panda Express haha!

I did a spider check last night (yes, I do spider checks) and I thought things were all good. Well around 3AM-ish there was a huge spider crawling up my wall!!! I sprayed his ass but he fell (and I heard him hit the floor) and I look behind my desk and he was running around!! So I sprayed him again and got him! UGH UGH UGH!!!! Where do these fuckers hide?! Seriously!! I have so much clutter around my desk and in my room in general. I always say I'll clean it out and I never do. It's so hard to let things go!! Like my makeup sale, I'm having a hard time parting with things. Even though I've never used them. How silly, right?

The best remedy for waking up on a Monday morning with your period.

The cramps are already here, but I dont give a fuckkkkkk. This is healing my emotions right now! Oh God. I need to stock up on this!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

SJ with boo!

Yesterday me and Martin went to SJ since I had to pick up my new Sony Webbie HD Camcorder from Sony Style! I’ve been debating between this or a Flip Mino HD and I know the Webbie had some pretty bad reviews but I mean… it works for what I want it for and it doesnt cost as much as the Flip Mino HD (actually + tax and warranty it cost about the same lol but still, I wanted a camcorder style and not a hand held style).

We stopped by Hello Desserts, I was attracted to the cute name and menu but sadly, I was disappointed with the place. They didnt have as much on the menu as it seemed like online. I did get the Mai Thai and it was pretty good. Their Mango Gelato was really good. And their Passion Fruit Gelato was super sour, yum! Martin decided to get Yogurt Twist next door. $.30/ounce for Frozen Yogurt? He was sold. He packed his cup and spent $3. $2 less than my smaller dessert. Yah yah, whatever lol. Yogurt Twist offered a bunch of flavors and toppings and of course, you cant beat the price. We settled for Yellow Cake Batter & Strawberry (he made me pick a flavor even though this was “his place”, meanie) topped with strawberries, mochi and whole lychee (my favorite!!). Mixed up all together it was really really good. But in the end, Martin didnt share my love for whole lychee =(.

We walked around the plaza, since it was placed in a Ranch 99 plaza, which was pretty cool. And after that we headed to a bead shop.

I’ve been obsessed with hunting down bead shops. The bead shop looked really tiny outside, but once you got in OMG it was huge. It was huge and filled with colorful sparkly beads! I spent about fourty five minutes looking at everything. They had a huge huge huge selection of pretty toggles! I love toggles! But sadly they didnt have what I was looking for and they didnt have a large selection of Swarovski crystals either. And of course every time something catches my eye Martin always says “we’re not looking for that” which is the nice way of “I know you like it, but really put it back down” lol. Next to the bead store was a small pet shop that had a huge shark in a huge tank in the middle of store! It was kinda creepy. They had cute hamsters, fat furry mice, guinea pigs, adorable rats… oh my! I’ve had my heart set on getting a new fur baby, but I’m banned from buying any more hamsters. Poop.

After that went to Valley Fair Mall. We skipped Pinkberry this time since I was super full of Gelato and Fro Yo already. Walked around, got my free Godiva chocolate (Strawberry Shortcake, holler!), Martin made me drink my second cup of water after we had snacked on some clam chowder (my first glass was after eating fro yo). Gawh, that was a struggle. Am I the only person in the world who gag’s when they drink too much cold water? Probably. I find water disgusting. UGH. Headed over to Sony Style and I got my purple Sony Webbie HD Camcorder! I was super excited. The two ladies who helped us were super sweet and they even priced matched it to make it cheaper! After that, I was done there. I didnt even bother walking into MAC, Sephora or Lush. I know, surprising right?! I found out today though that they opened a new cupcake shop there, and I missed it. Darn. Next time!

Headed to Great Mall cause I wanted to check Kohls for a shirt I saw online that I wanted to wear to my cousins wedding, but of course… they didnt have it. Or the Alice shirt I wanted. I couldnt decide if I wanted Coconut Grove or Jollibee for dinner, so we walked around the Food Court. I had my eye on Arby’s since I’ve never had Arby’s but ended up eating Ruby Thai. They were too nice with the samples and their Mango Chicken (which didnt taste like Mango at all, but was really sweet and tender) was delicious. So we got that. We’re trying to stay away from soda’s lately so I went to sit and Martin went to get lemonade from Hot Dog On A Stick.

So he goes and comes back and tell’s me that while he was in line some girl came up to him and started talking to him about his nails. Then she goes “so, whats your name?” Martin gets hit on, all the time. He gets hit on the most when his hair is fluffy and messed up and when I send him to do something random. So eventually he walked off and when he came back, he was like “OMG SHE KEEPS LOOKING OVER HERE” dude, I wonder why. I told him he should wave to her, but he didnt. Lame. The conversations people strike with him are odd. The girl who hit on him before yesterday asked him for a lighter and when he said he didnt smoke she responded with “well you wanna chill with me outside while I smoke?” unaware he absolutely hate people who smoke. And the chick before that asked him for his cell phone and called herself with it then started sending him mass text messages with “Hi Thomas!” cause she really thought his name was Thomas. Which was funny cause every time he got a text he’d scream at his phone “OMG STOP TEXTING ME” hahaha! I dont mind if people hit on him. People dont know him like I do, and trust me, after about 2 hours with him you wont think hes so hot anymore lol!

This morning I got up at 7AM cause I had to pee and I was still really sleepy… and somehow I knocked over half the things on my night stand and all I hear is all my stuff fall behind me and… shatter. So I look and my favorite glass container is shattered… all over my bed room floor! I went back to bed and decided to clean it up later. Ugh, I’m so sad =(.

Monday, July 20, 2009

New obsession...

Hello to all my new followers =D. Dont forget to subscribe to my beauty blog as well!

Lately I've been finding myself wanting to look at bead's online and find bead stores more than looking at makeup! I know, this is some pretty serious stuff! I remember spotting Jolee's Jewels at Michael's a year or two ago, the pretty colors caught my attention but back then I thought dude, I could never pull off making decent jewelry! So I'd just look and not buy, besides when you add the prices it got pretty expensive. And back then I was set on making pouches (I have a bunch of fabric I never made into pouches because it turned out harder than I thought... that's what I get for not looking something up first! I do have a mini sewing machine but nowhere to put it, so hopefully when I move out next year I can set it up somewhere and put the fabric to use!). I've been peeking through some beading magazines and looking tutorials on youtube and I figure... this cant be hard. So I bought a few things to make my mom a necklace for her birthday, but I was missing some Swarovski butterflies to add to it, I dont want to just give her a plain one charm necklace... and I didnt really want to spend $8 on two charms. But it just so happens that when I bought the charms, Michael's provided me with a 20% off coupon for the following Sunday. So I waited til yesterday and I picked up a bunch of stuff! My budget was $40 and with the 20% off & a 40% off one item coupon, it went from $44 to $32. Yay! I also got some oven bake clay, gonna attempt to make some Mario stars lol. I also picked up a Lisa Frank sticker book, the boyfriend made me put back the sticker book but not the clay o_O.

Speaking of, I need to make a list of things to do before he leaves! My cousin's wedding is on Saturday, what do you wear to a wedding?! I personally hate going to weddings, I hate dressing up. I'm sure I'll hate dressing up on my wedding day as well. And OMG I'm not looking forward to my wedding, I hate all the attention being on me.

ELF came out with a bunchhhhh of new stuff =D. Palettes, bronzers, Mineral lipgloss, liquid eyeliner colors, kabuki brushes. Nuts. I'm so happy they're adding new stuff, esp to the Studio collection! Yayyy!!

I've been sucked into StarCraft again. Seriously, me and the boyfriend play every night. Every "quick game" turns out to be two hours long lol! I really need to learn how to speed things up. I take so long making everything, but I'm getting better! My base wasnt destroyed last night, thank goodness. Pre-orders for Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days is out! Sadly the US wont be getting the same DSi bundle that Japan had because they dont think it will sell well. Uhm hello!! You released a DS bundle for Brain Age and that sold well, I think Kingdom Hearts will do even better! We've just been waiting for this for oh, I dont know... five years?! UGHH. That sucks. I was really hoping to get the DSi. Hopefully they change their mind!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I suck at updating!

Yesterday it was suppose to be 100 degree's here so I decided to not stay home. I dont have AC so yeah it pretty much sucks when it gets that hot. Me and Martin went to Vacaville after trying to decide on where to go for hella long.

Oh his toe nail fell off the night before, I have no idea how or why but it just did. He was freaking out about it and kinda bummed, but I took a look at it and it looks like there was another toe nail growing under it, which is kinda weird but I'm glad his whole toe nail isnt missing, that might not had gone over well at MEPS.

So we went to get sushi & bento boxes at our (or well my) favorite sushi place. Skipped the Tempura Ice Cream, again cause I was just so full. Went to Target so he could get face wash and I could get soap and Goldfish crackers =D. Went to Bead Gallery and saw a Hello Kitty charm necklace, Martin thought I wanted it so I could make something for Sammie's bday, but I kinda just wanted it for me though he did have a nice idea! So I ended up buying the charm, a cell phone strap and two pink stars and I'm gonna make her a cell phone charm! Yay! After that we went to the Solano Mall (worst and ghettoest mall everr) for "old times sake" or something. Had some Chick Fil A, walked around, had some ice cream (they were out of my Pineapple Coconut boooo so we got Cookies & Cream) then went to Barns & Nobles so I could pee (I'm picky about the places I pee in!) and went to Wal Mart. I got a bead kit and some Velvetta's (that I'm addicted to). Got some Sonic's and went home.

I went home and went to the bathroom like I usually do and like, I pull my pants down slightly. I dont pull them all the way down. Anyway, I was peeing and... I saw a spider run across the band of my panties. OMG. Not something someone who's extremely afraid of spiders wants to see!!!! I didnt freak out as much as I thought I would but I did grab the fucker and throw him in the toilet! GROSS!!! UGHH. And I took an extra long shower too. I called up Martin telling him what happened and he was like "dont worry he was just making sure the other bugs didnt get you" aww hes the best =).

I'm gonna try to update more frequently. I've been feeling a little down lately so I havent been in the mood to do anything. The extreme heat isnt helping either lol.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Yet, I still keep trying.

Ever since I was a kid I always wanted to draw. I always wanted to make things. I always wanted to be artsy and I never really understood why I was so obsessed with something I'm not good at. I'm not the artist in the family, my brother is. I'm the writer. Even when I got older and I was really into web and graphic designing, I was always better at web designing than graphic. I cant blend for shit lol. I know I suck at anything having to do with being crafty. And even now, I want to make charms. I want to make jewelry. I want to be better at graphic design. And even though for the last 3 months I've been attempting and everything being an epic fail I still wake up everyday wondering what I can do to improve it. Where did I go wrong the day before.

And sometimes it drives me nuts that all I ever think about is what I could be making right now. Why? Why is something I suck at constantly on my mind?

Martin and I had a talk once, about people who inspired us when we were younger. He had a friend who could do something he couldnt do and he had spent a lot of time with his friend trying to get him to do it and it just never happened but growing up, it became a goal for him and even now, til this day its still a goal of his. So I thought back to when I was a kid...

I spent a lot of time in the garage during the late afternoon. I spent a lot of time in there because my grandpa was always painting. And I spent a lot of time with him when he was. Bugging him, asking him random questions or just talking. I dont have a lot of vivid memories, but this is one of the ones I do have. The smell of oil paint, the sun coming in from the open side door, my grandpa holding his breath every time he painted the details. I remember after bugging him for MONTHS he finally let me paint the sky on something he was working on. I remember he cut up some wood pieces for me and my brother to paint too. If he wasnt painting something, he was making something. We still, to this day use a lot of things he made. His paintings are still up in my room and around the house.

He always inspired me to be creative. He always made things look so easy. And I wish he was still here, maybe I wouldnt be so stumped when it comes to creating things. And of course, the doll house he promised to make me before he passed away.

The discouragement tonight will pass, and I'll wake up tomorrow ready to try again.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Oh... I really hate you summer.

I hate spiders, like really really hate them. At least I dont freak out as much as I use to around them anymore... but they still make my skin crawl. I usually do "spider checks". I do them mostly in the summer time since you know, they're everywhere. So a few nights ago I was so tired I didnt bother to do a "spider check" in my mom's bathroom before I took a shower. Wellll... as soon as I got in the shower, I look up and I'm freaking showering with a spider. OMG. So I was like throwing water at it to make it walk in the other direction. Well I guess it walked all around the ceiling cause when I got out, it was behind me (and it was in front of me before) and so I was like drying myself super fast and like letting out little screams the whole time, I totally couldnt help it, it was so freakin gross.

Then last night, I was about to not do a "spider check" in my room, but I'm glad I did! I spotted a spider right next to my mattress. My bed is up against the wall, and it was like... two inches away from my sheets! And it wasnt a small spider either! Now since I have OCD, it makes it hard to get a spider when its on that side of the room and so close to my bed. I decided to wash my sheets anyway, some time soon (I've just been too lazy, maybe this was a sign!) so I just had my dad kill it (he had to lean over my bed). I had the creepy crawlies the rest of the night thinking there were spiders everywhere. Dont you hate that! It's been really cold at night but the spiders are still invading! Wtf!! Grrr.

Anyway, yesterday me and Martin went to Valley Fair mall (best mall EVER) since I thought the Nordstrom anniversary collection was coming out the same day as the Color Craft. Well it didnt. And sadly nothing from the Nordstrom anniversary collection popped out at me. I wanted both palettes but the warm palette isnt going to show up on my skin tone, still deciding if I should get the cool palette or not. The Color Craft however was OMG. I wanted an MSF, but I still have my Perfect Topping from the Sugar Sweet and the MSF I wanted was darker than I expected so I ditched that and wanted to get 2 pinwheel eye shadows and 2 lipglasses.

So I had Martin help me decide. We spent about 20 minutes in Nordstorm's looking at them then went to the MAC store (if I'm gonna spend money I might as well get some pigment samples too!) and I was going to buy 2 eye shadows and 2 lipglasses. Wellll. The boyfriend thinks I have too much makeup and he wanted me to only get one of each and of course I was bummed! I've been saving money for this collection for the last two weeks! And I havent bought anything from MAC in like a month. I guess I was moping and he was like "aw dont make that face, you're gonna break my heart... you know I'm not trying to be mean, I just wanna help you" and I know he means well, and I know I dont need any more makeup. But he did pick out the eyeshadow pinwheel and he helped me pick a lipglass. And he actually helped. Not that "I dont know get whatever" "oh that looks okay I guess" he actually gave me his input on every single eyeshadow pinwheel and lipglass they had. We were in there for like 45 minutes and he was helping me the whole time. I know, its not that big of a deal... but I dont know, it makes me happy when he actually gives me input. And I always say pinks dont show up on my skin tone and he was like "you know pink doesnt show up on you" and it makes me all... giddy cause he remembered! Haha. I know, I'm lame right?

So I grab 3 pigments to get samples of and the thing I dont like about Valley Fair's MAC is that they give you HELLA little of the sample compared to where I usually go. Like, you only have enough to look at it little! And the girl was like "oh I can only give you two samples" and so asked Martin which ones I should get and he goes "all of them" and he grabbed one from me and hes like "I'll ask for this one" so the girl comes back and she goes "did you decide which ones?" and I go "yeah these two" and Martin goes "can I get a sample of this one?" and she looked hella defeated ahaha and she was like "" so she gave him his sample haha! He's the best boyfriend freakin ever.

I also went to Sephora and returned their makeup wipes (which sucked ass!) and a gold wristlet (I dont know wtf I was thinking) and I got $18.57 back. I wanted to try the Makeup Forever Aqua Eyes since a lot of people who said that the Urban Decay 24/7 smudged on them, the Aqua Eyes didnt. So guess how much it cost? $18.57. Martin was like "is that your WHOLE gift card?" and I was like "....yep" lol. $18 for a pencil eyeliner?! This shit better work miracles!!!

My bestie sent me a depressing link about the recession, now I'm freaking out. Both of our families work at the same place (which is kinda funny and ironic cause her parents were my mom's co-workers and now her brother is my mom's co-worker haha) and they got budget cuts so its kinda depressing me. And now I get why my mom's been hassling me to get a job lately.

I'm doing a blog sale soon! I have a bunch of makeup that I got that I never used. This was before my MAC obsession. And you know once you get into MAC you forget everything else lol!

I'll be picking the winners for the giveaway soon and announcing another thingie.

Speaking of!! Enter to win DSK's giveaway!

Now I have to go wash my sheets... if there's one thing I hate doing the MOST its washing my sheets. They're so... big and its so much of a hassle... lol.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I was tagged by ectini! Kinda lol.

Rules: Tell your readers 10 things about you that they may or may not know, but are true. Tag ten people with the award, and be sure to let them know they've been tagged (a quick comment on their blog will do). Don't forget to link back to the blogger who tagged you.
  • I didnt get into makeup until I was 23. I mean I had one shade of lipstick I'd always wear in high school (and usually when I wore it, it meant I was either pissed off or not in a good mood) and pressed powder (which in reality was wayy too light for me). Eyeliner was a huge never ever! The reason why I got into makeup? H.I.P bogo's and discovering NYX!
  • I was got OCD in 2004 but wasnt diagnosed until 2006. That's how long it took me to force myself to go to therapy. I have contamination, intrusive thoughts, hoarding and a slight checking problem. When it was at its worse, it was really really bad. Say I was doing laundry and I was taking the clothes out of the dryer, if something brushed up against the outside of the dryer I would have to rewash EVERYTHING. There were times when I would wash my clothes twice in a row. The anxiety was exhausting.It was damaging my relationship with my boyfriend and my parents. It has gotten a little better, but my boyfriend still has to completely change his clothes before he can come in my room.
  • I've been with my boyfriend for 5 1/2 years. I swear it was just our 5yrs last week! We were both the only two held back a year in high school from Leadership so in the new school year we were always the two who had to set up everything. We were really good friends though and I dont know, it kinda just happened. But there was a lot of drama involved, which I dont mind so much now cause it helped us trust each other more. We're both silly and we do a lot of dumb shit together.
  • I'm a pro when it comes to hamsters. I've been reading and raising them since I was in the 4th grade. I love small animals. But since my baby boy died last year I havent had the heart to get another hamster. I still miss him everyday. But if you ever need advice on hamsters, feel free to ask me!
  • I was never really into video games growing up. I mean besides your Mario World's and Mortal Komabts and Street Fighter's... okay when I was a kid I was a total tomboy I loved video games and I watched WWF and WCW like it was nobody's business (NWO & DX!) but when I started dating I was totally not into video games anymore, besides DDR. When I started dating my boyfriend he got me into StarCraft which I swore I'd never play and ended up addicted to. That opened up a gate for me lol. I started playing FFXI, WoW, Maple Story, Gunbound, Kingdom Hearts, Guilty Gear XX, I attempted Smash Bro's but I suck at it. And a bunch of other games for the Wii, DS, PC and PS2.
  • I use to be really really into web & graphic design. Since I got on the internet in 2000 I was always making website. I loved learning HTML, it was so addicting. Then that drama with my boyfriend happened and I was being stalked by 5 different people (on and offline) and so I stopped blogging, I stopped making web sites and five years later I decided to start up again. I feel like I'm starting completely over since people use CSS and XHTML (wtf is XHTML?!) now. So its kinda... depressing but I'm determined to re-learn all of this.
  • Somewhere on the internet (my old journal) is a blog entry about how I lost my virginity. In detail. Oh how I miss when the internet wasnt full of stupid people and everyone in your graduating class!
  • Me and my brother havent talked in 5 years. And yes, we live together. Crazy huh?
  • My brother, my boyfriend and my dog all share the same birthday.
  • I'm completely utterly obsessed with Disney. Everything Disney! The parks, the movies, the person... everything! I LOVE Disney. My goal is to work there. I havent figured out the details but something good will come up sooner or later!

I taggggg...