Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I was tagged by ectini! Kinda lol.

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  • I didnt get into makeup until I was 23. I mean I had one shade of lipstick I'd always wear in high school (and usually when I wore it, it meant I was either pissed off or not in a good mood) and pressed powder (which in reality was wayy too light for me). Eyeliner was a huge never ever! The reason why I got into makeup? H.I.P bogo's and discovering NYX!
  • I was got OCD in 2004 but wasnt diagnosed until 2006. That's how long it took me to force myself to go to therapy. I have contamination, intrusive thoughts, hoarding and a slight checking problem. When it was at its worse, it was really really bad. Say I was doing laundry and I was taking the clothes out of the dryer, if something brushed up against the outside of the dryer I would have to rewash EVERYTHING. There were times when I would wash my clothes twice in a row. The anxiety was exhausting.It was damaging my relationship with my boyfriend and my parents. It has gotten a little better, but my boyfriend still has to completely change his clothes before he can come in my room.
  • I've been with my boyfriend for 5 1/2 years. I swear it was just our 5yrs last week! We were both the only two held back a year in high school from Leadership so in the new school year we were always the two who had to set up everything. We were really good friends though and I dont know, it kinda just happened. But there was a lot of drama involved, which I dont mind so much now cause it helped us trust each other more. We're both silly and we do a lot of dumb shit together.
  • I'm a pro when it comes to hamsters. I've been reading and raising them since I was in the 4th grade. I love small animals. But since my baby boy died last year I havent had the heart to get another hamster. I still miss him everyday. But if you ever need advice on hamsters, feel free to ask me!
  • I was never really into video games growing up. I mean besides your Mario World's and Mortal Komabts and Street Fighter's... okay when I was a kid I was a total tomboy I loved video games and I watched WWF and WCW like it was nobody's business (NWO & DX!) but when I started dating I was totally not into video games anymore, besides DDR. When I started dating my boyfriend he got me into StarCraft which I swore I'd never play and ended up addicted to. That opened up a gate for me lol. I started playing FFXI, WoW, Maple Story, Gunbound, Kingdom Hearts, Guilty Gear XX, I attempted Smash Bro's but I suck at it. And a bunch of other games for the Wii, DS, PC and PS2.
  • I use to be really really into web & graphic design. Since I got on the internet in 2000 I was always making website. I loved learning HTML, it was so addicting. Then that drama with my boyfriend happened and I was being stalked by 5 different people (on and offline) and so I stopped blogging, I stopped making web sites and five years later I decided to start up again. I feel like I'm starting completely over since people use CSS and XHTML (wtf is XHTML?!) now. So its kinda... depressing but I'm determined to re-learn all of this.
  • Somewhere on the internet (my old journal) is a blog entry about how I lost my virginity. In detail. Oh how I miss when the internet wasnt full of stupid people and everyone in your graduating class!
  • Me and my brother havent talked in 5 years. And yes, we live together. Crazy huh?
  • My brother, my boyfriend and my dog all share the same birthday.
  • I'm completely utterly obsessed with Disney. Everything Disney! The parks, the movies, the person... everything! I LOVE Disney. My goal is to work there. I havent figured out the details but something good will come up sooner or later!

I taggggg...


e.motion in motion said...

Ooo I found your other blog lol. Thanks for doing the tag! Woow you guys have been together a long time! It's good that you have a strong relationship. Mine is similar, I know what you mean about all the drama and learning to trust another, esp. when you've been hurt by a lot of people before :(

Oh and you should get back into designing! I don't know wtf XHTML is either lol. I don't really want to learn the details xD

Auughh and I know what you mean about your business being everyone's business on the internet. And in real life. Hated that in Inter and HS. But life goes on ehh... lol :P

Nice to get to know a little more about you!

Dana Yoshimizu said...

I really enjoyed reading this so much! :) Ten new things that I didn't know until now :D & I just did this too, it's my second from the last post

Anonymous said...

your tag is gonna be a lot more interesting than mine!

i'm supposed to do this new post cuz i got some stuff to sample, but im SO LAZY to take the pics, edit, blah blah...GAH

i'll do this tag tho!

DSK said...

LOL someone loves to sleep in :P
hahaha I don't blame you..I love sleeping too.but I feel so guilty!

Chef Ray said...

done! lol check it out. I might have bad grammar, I am tired to the max right now.

Rai said...

I'll do this tag!!
I'm so with you on the OCD thing.
That's insane that you & your brother don't talk and live in the same house.

I'm not into websites and graphic design like I used to be either.
Makeup and shopping have my attention. =[ haha
That sucks that you were stalked.