Monday, July 27, 2009

Eventful weekend!

SPiNNiNG: Shes by Ryan Cabrera <3.

Had a super busy weekend.

Thursday (7/23) - Went to the 925, had Panera Bread for lunch. I'm hooked on their new Chicken Cobb Salad! Went to a small bead store I heard about, it was cute and they had plenty of supplies but not much of a Swarovski selection. Went to Fry's and ended up picking up snacks/candy. Martin wanted to "take matters into his own hands" and we ended up at Chuck E Cheese! Haha. We checked it out, they just finished building it a few weeks ago. And it turns out... they had our favorite game at D&B's there! But for a quarter! We were thisclose to beating the game. Darn, next time we're bringing $3 haha. Headed over to Michael's and he helped me pick out some more charms and crystals =). Checked if their Longs Drugs turned into a CVS yet and THEY DID! I missed the sale! And they took out the NYX stand =(. Went to Best Buy, I forgot why... lol. Then went to Kohls to check for my shirt, which they of course didnt have. Martin had me trying on random clothes lol.

Friday (7/24) - Happy Birthday Samm0e! After spending almost an entire month looking for a top for my cousins wedding, ended up deciding to just wear something I already had. Grr. I totally forgot to buy shoes though! So we went to have lunch at our (my) favorite sushi place. Went to Payless, they didnt have a huge selection of heel's there. Went to Target and found a cute wrap around shirt. Went to Kohls and found these cute heel's for $24. They rang up as $75! Hell no those werent worth that much nor would I had even glanced at them if they were that much! I got my price adjustment. Whew. Went to the county fair and I had a great time with my love, even though we didnt do much.

Walked around, had my traditional Strawberry Shortcake, ran into some of his friends, had a deep fried burrito which was DELiCiOUS! Went to look at the animals, of course. Lots of hugs and laughs! Got dinner at Wendy's and went home.

Saturday (7/25) - Got up at 10Am-ish. Got ready for my cousins wedding. Headed over to the house. Got to see my cousin from Australia! And my niece (who will be featuring in a video with me very soon *cough*) shes the prettiest thing ever! We were talking about my youtube cause my cousin from Australia was sitting between us and hes like "what are you guys talking about" and we're like "nothing!" haha. The wedding was really short, there was a half hour delay and the wedding itself was like 10 minutes long lol. It's so surreal that Elroy got married! I swear we're still kids! But we're totally not. They were both laughing during their vows, it was the cutest thing ever. I'm glad I'm not the only one who'll be cracking up in the middle of my vows. Ryan's best man speech was great haha. I tried really hard not to fall all night and I ended up falling on the way to the car. Ugh. It was nice seeing all my cousins again. I barely ever get to see them any more. My uncle from Australia was making me promise to tell him when I get married lol! He's the coolest.

Sunday (7/26) - Was the after-wedding-party. Does anyone else do this? My family has a party after the day of the wedding too lol. Picked up Martin, and he was all nice and dressed up!! He even fixed his hair. It was cute! I only took one pic, with my sidekick. I wish I took more hehe. We went to Vacaville, I got some Panda Express (he got me hooked on the Kung Pow Chicken) and I went to Panera Bread so I was sitting there eating both! Haha. Martin was like "what am I suppose to eat?" and I'm like "uh... I dont know?!" hahaha!! Hella fat. I was hungry! Went to my bead store and I picked up some stuff for Audrey's necklace that she mentioned. Gonna see if I can pull it off. Went to Kohls and returned those damn heel's! Headed to Elroy's. Everyone was just lounging around, which was cool. Sat around with my cousins and watched the Food Network. Then headed out to get some groceries at Wal Mart. Had some Fro-Yo and some more Panda Express haha!

I did a spider check last night (yes, I do spider checks) and I thought things were all good. Well around 3AM-ish there was a huge spider crawling up my wall!!! I sprayed his ass but he fell (and I heard him hit the floor) and I look behind my desk and he was running around!! So I sprayed him again and got him! UGH UGH UGH!!!! Where do these fuckers hide?! Seriously!! I have so much clutter around my desk and in my room in general. I always say I'll clean it out and I never do. It's so hard to let things go!! Like my makeup sale, I'm having a hard time parting with things. Even though I've never used them. How silly, right?

The best remedy for waking up on a Monday morning with your period.

The cramps are already here, but I dont give a fuckkkkkk. This is healing my emotions right now! Oh God. I need to stock up on this!


Caramel Diva said...

those deserts look great...I hate spiders. I have a hard time parting with things i don't use too:)

Anonymous said...

OMFG!! I'M CRAVING CUPCAKES AND ICE CREAM AND COOKIES AND CREAM CAKE (is that what that last pic is??) omg...I'm so hungry...I wish my family stocked up on desserts and I wish stores in my town were open past 7pm! (ToT)

Dana Yoshimizu said...

Those pictures of your food looks so yummy~! ^__^