Friday, July 10, 2009

Oh... I really hate you summer.

I hate spiders, like really really hate them. At least I dont freak out as much as I use to around them anymore... but they still make my skin crawl. I usually do "spider checks". I do them mostly in the summer time since you know, they're everywhere. So a few nights ago I was so tired I didnt bother to do a "spider check" in my mom's bathroom before I took a shower. Wellll... as soon as I got in the shower, I look up and I'm freaking showering with a spider. OMG. So I was like throwing water at it to make it walk in the other direction. Well I guess it walked all around the ceiling cause when I got out, it was behind me (and it was in front of me before) and so I was like drying myself super fast and like letting out little screams the whole time, I totally couldnt help it, it was so freakin gross.

Then last night, I was about to not do a "spider check" in my room, but I'm glad I did! I spotted a spider right next to my mattress. My bed is up against the wall, and it was like... two inches away from my sheets! And it wasnt a small spider either! Now since I have OCD, it makes it hard to get a spider when its on that side of the room and so close to my bed. I decided to wash my sheets anyway, some time soon (I've just been too lazy, maybe this was a sign!) so I just had my dad kill it (he had to lean over my bed). I had the creepy crawlies the rest of the night thinking there were spiders everywhere. Dont you hate that! It's been really cold at night but the spiders are still invading! Wtf!! Grrr.

Anyway, yesterday me and Martin went to Valley Fair mall (best mall EVER) since I thought the Nordstrom anniversary collection was coming out the same day as the Color Craft. Well it didnt. And sadly nothing from the Nordstrom anniversary collection popped out at me. I wanted both palettes but the warm palette isnt going to show up on my skin tone, still deciding if I should get the cool palette or not. The Color Craft however was OMG. I wanted an MSF, but I still have my Perfect Topping from the Sugar Sweet and the MSF I wanted was darker than I expected so I ditched that and wanted to get 2 pinwheel eye shadows and 2 lipglasses.

So I had Martin help me decide. We spent about 20 minutes in Nordstorm's looking at them then went to the MAC store (if I'm gonna spend money I might as well get some pigment samples too!) and I was going to buy 2 eye shadows and 2 lipglasses. Wellll. The boyfriend thinks I have too much makeup and he wanted me to only get one of each and of course I was bummed! I've been saving money for this collection for the last two weeks! And I havent bought anything from MAC in like a month. I guess I was moping and he was like "aw dont make that face, you're gonna break my heart... you know I'm not trying to be mean, I just wanna help you" and I know he means well, and I know I dont need any more makeup. But he did pick out the eyeshadow pinwheel and he helped me pick a lipglass. And he actually helped. Not that "I dont know get whatever" "oh that looks okay I guess" he actually gave me his input on every single eyeshadow pinwheel and lipglass they had. We were in there for like 45 minutes and he was helping me the whole time. I know, its not that big of a deal... but I dont know, it makes me happy when he actually gives me input. And I always say pinks dont show up on my skin tone and he was like "you know pink doesnt show up on you" and it makes me all... giddy cause he remembered! Haha. I know, I'm lame right?

So I grab 3 pigments to get samples of and the thing I dont like about Valley Fair's MAC is that they give you HELLA little of the sample compared to where I usually go. Like, you only have enough to look at it little! And the girl was like "oh I can only give you two samples" and so asked Martin which ones I should get and he goes "all of them" and he grabbed one from me and hes like "I'll ask for this one" so the girl comes back and she goes "did you decide which ones?" and I go "yeah these two" and Martin goes "can I get a sample of this one?" and she looked hella defeated ahaha and she was like "" so she gave him his sample haha! He's the best boyfriend freakin ever.

I also went to Sephora and returned their makeup wipes (which sucked ass!) and a gold wristlet (I dont know wtf I was thinking) and I got $18.57 back. I wanted to try the Makeup Forever Aqua Eyes since a lot of people who said that the Urban Decay 24/7 smudged on them, the Aqua Eyes didnt. So guess how much it cost? $18.57. Martin was like "is that your WHOLE gift card?" and I was like "....yep" lol. $18 for a pencil eyeliner?! This shit better work miracles!!!

My bestie sent me a depressing link about the recession, now I'm freaking out. Both of our families work at the same place (which is kinda funny and ironic cause her parents were my mom's co-workers and now her brother is my mom's co-worker haha) and they got budget cuts so its kinda depressing me. And now I get why my mom's been hassling me to get a job lately.

I'm doing a blog sale soon! I have a bunch of makeup that I got that I never used. This was before my MAC obsession. And you know once you get into MAC you forget everything else lol!

I'll be picking the winners for the giveaway soon and announcing another thingie.

Speaking of!! Enter to win DSK's giveaway!

Now I have to go wash my sheets... if there's one thing I hate doing the MOST its washing my sheets. They're so... big and its so much of a hassle... lol.


e.motion in motion said...

Augghhh I hate spiders too :( Do you have cane spiders where you live? Here they get as big as your hand X_x And some live in my garage from time to time :(((

Ooo and interesting shopping trips hehe. Will you review the MUFE liner?

Ooo and blog sale! I'm interested hehe.

Anonymous said...

ewwww spiders! I hate them too. :S They're at the top of my blacklist :S

OoOo a blog sale! Hmmm...I had better check if I have leftover birthday money ;)

Dana Yoshimizu said...

OMG, I CANNOT stand spiders, I totally freak out. Like COMPLETELy freak out! Yuck!! >_< Gak, they're so disgusting - just thinking about them grosses me out.

& Maybe I should start asking for samples places I go. I've never gotten any at MAC or Sephora. I'm too nervous to ask because I'm afraid they'll be rude or mean to me for asking.