Monday, July 20, 2009

New obsession...

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Lately I've been finding myself wanting to look at bead's online and find bead stores more than looking at makeup! I know, this is some pretty serious stuff! I remember spotting Jolee's Jewels at Michael's a year or two ago, the pretty colors caught my attention but back then I thought dude, I could never pull off making decent jewelry! So I'd just look and not buy, besides when you add the prices it got pretty expensive. And back then I was set on making pouches (I have a bunch of fabric I never made into pouches because it turned out harder than I thought... that's what I get for not looking something up first! I do have a mini sewing machine but nowhere to put it, so hopefully when I move out next year I can set it up somewhere and put the fabric to use!). I've been peeking through some beading magazines and looking tutorials on youtube and I figure... this cant be hard. So I bought a few things to make my mom a necklace for her birthday, but I was missing some Swarovski butterflies to add to it, I dont want to just give her a plain one charm necklace... and I didnt really want to spend $8 on two charms. But it just so happens that when I bought the charms, Michael's provided me with a 20% off coupon for the following Sunday. So I waited til yesterday and I picked up a bunch of stuff! My budget was $40 and with the 20% off & a 40% off one item coupon, it went from $44 to $32. Yay! I also got some oven bake clay, gonna attempt to make some Mario stars lol. I also picked up a Lisa Frank sticker book, the boyfriend made me put back the sticker book but not the clay o_O.

Speaking of, I need to make a list of things to do before he leaves! My cousin's wedding is on Saturday, what do you wear to a wedding?! I personally hate going to weddings, I hate dressing up. I'm sure I'll hate dressing up on my wedding day as well. And OMG I'm not looking forward to my wedding, I hate all the attention being on me.

ELF came out with a bunchhhhh of new stuff =D. Palettes, bronzers, Mineral lipgloss, liquid eyeliner colors, kabuki brushes. Nuts. I'm so happy they're adding new stuff, esp to the Studio collection! Yayyy!!

I've been sucked into StarCraft again. Seriously, me and the boyfriend play every night. Every "quick game" turns out to be two hours long lol! I really need to learn how to speed things up. I take so long making everything, but I'm getting better! My base wasnt destroyed last night, thank goodness. Pre-orders for Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days is out! Sadly the US wont be getting the same DSi bundle that Japan had because they dont think it will sell well. Uhm hello!! You released a DS bundle for Brain Age and that sold well, I think Kingdom Hearts will do even better! We've just been waiting for this for oh, I dont know... five years?! UGHH. That sucks. I was really hoping to get the DSi. Hopefully they change their mind!

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e.motion in motion said...

Ooo you should post up your creations! Can't wait to see (: Ohh and I'll have to go check out ELFs new stuff hehe.