Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Best idea I ever had!

A few days ago, I was waiting for my parents to come home and I was looking through my mom's makeup. I noticed that her eyeshadow covers were cracked off, her sponge applicators were literally falling apart. Her beauty powder was worn out and the sponge applicator for that was all flimsy... it was just, depressing. My mom's been using her makeup for years. I guess filipino parents dont spend much time updating their makeup til they literally run out. So since Mother's Day is coming up, and I'm such a makeup junkie these days, I decided to make her a MAC palette. I was gonna make her two, but the blues/green's idea I had wasnt going to work. So I just made her a browns/whites & the boyfriend picked out an LA Colors palette that caught my eye. I also bought her some NYX blush ($.99 at Amuse!) and Flirt! brushes. I'm also gonna include an ELF brush. Kinda like giving her something of all of my favorite brands. I'm thinking of making her a MAC palette of all of my favorite colors too. I was thinking of getting her follow-up gifts for her birthday too. I was gonna get her a new beauty powder & lipstick but I dont know if I should wait til her birthday to do that.

Martin came up with the idea to get my dad an ipod for Father's Day, I thought that was a pretty cool idea. So yeah, I hope he likes that too. Gonna put all his favorite bands on there and some of my favorite songs since he always talks about how he likes my songs and stuff... follow-up gifts for him too would be a speaker or something.

So I just called Disneyland to apply for Club 33, and apparently the waiting list is FULL and so is the member list. FML lol. I'll check again in September, I suppose. The wait time is 2-3 years. Hm.

Friday, April 24, 2009


We got back the other night and I was so pooped out that all I wanted to do was just go to bed! It didnt help that my left ear was still super plugged up and in PAIN. Lame, I hate painful ear pops even hours after you get off the plane. Yesterday was spent in Vacaville. Had yummy Mad Fish and watched 17 again which I loveloveloved! I wanna see it again! Zac is kinda hot... lol.

The trip was great. Didnt worry, stress, or think about life at home for a whole three days. It was exactly what I needed, I feel so refreshed right now =). Martin was so sweet the whole three days and constantly making sure I was okay (then again he does that everyday, most days lol). He didnt start a fight with me about a rollercoaster this time, yay lol. I had a ton of fun! We didnt end up going to our reservation at Blue Bayou because the first day we were there was SO hot! I ended up getting a reallyyyy bad heat headache. We ended up leaving the park at around 7-ish because my head was throbbing so bad. But we got to the park at 10-ish AM and managed ride everything we wanted to ride.

I'll write a whole seperate entry on the trip later. There's just too much to remember and talk about. The trip was great though. We're planning on going back in September for the Disney convention (first ever). Oh and babe bought me my bday gift, he paid for my pearl necklace (we get one every trip).

Now that we're home... its back to the daily stressers. Bills, finding a job, figuring out school and just being plain annoyed at everything.


Sunday, April 19, 2009

Rush, rush, rush.

So today's the last day before my birthday vacay. I have so much to get done today (and it doesnt help that your boyfriend is more forgetful than you are) and I'm in such a RUSH!!! I havent been able to spend a day at home this whole week because of ... ugh! Whatever lol. I got most of everything done so far and its only 3:52PM so I think I'll be good by the end of the day. Not really sure at this point... but I can hope!

Anyway, Thursday night I went out to dinner with two of my best friends for a late birthday thing. It was alright. A little rushed cause Audrey takes forever to get ready lol. But I was glad to see both Audrey & Joey again. It's been a long while since we all got to hang out again. Esp with Joey and his crazy work schedule. Although *cough*. Yeah.

Other than that, my birthday week has been going good so far. I got a package from a friend for my birthday. He totally spoiled the crap out of me!

Isnt that nuts?!? First he said he was gonna get me the Bamboo tablet (as a way to get me back into graphic designing cause I mentioned I wanted one) then he decided to throw in the Japanese car fresheners. I have NO idea where the mana drinks and Gloomy Bear came from!!! Haha. But it was a surprise. His excuse was he needed to fill the box. Uhhuh, sure lol.

The little orange freshener with the eyes is called "Happy Poppy" and I didnt know if I wanted it cause I usually dont do well with liquid car fresheners but this one smells soooo good! It's like a happy fresh squeezed orange juice scent. It's so good. I love it!!

Not to mention he also bought me an itunes gift card yesterday since he didnt include the CD's he said he would in my gift so I have something to listen to on the plane. How sweet is that?! =)

I havent eaten yet today... I'm gonna make a cup of noodles in a minute. I gotta go out to my car to get some stuff out the trunk. I hate leaving the house in my "home clothes" lousy OCD. Seriously. I was thinkin of just putting it together tomorrow morning, but I'll be waking up at 4AM and I dont function all that well that early in the morning. Its been awhile since I woke up that early, so I'm almost 90% sure I'll be grumpy being up that early. At least I already have my outfit worked out. So that's one less to worry about.

I've been repeating "I Hate This Part" by PCD (thanks to Audrey!) and A Little Too Not Over You by David Archuleta. Ugh.

Now off to update with my hauls.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My life sucks without you.

June 6th, 2003

- well life will get a lot harder.
- aww, dont worry i'll protect you as much as i humanly can

This conversation. The tone in your voice rings in my head still to this day. Memories of you should have faded by now. Your smile and your laugh shouldnt still be so vivid. I dont remember the sound of your voice, but I can still hear you say that last sentence and I can still sense how serious you were by your tone.

Where are you?

Where's my bestfriend? The person who kept me sane for so long. The person who claimed I kept sane.

- you know if it wasnt for you i'd seriously be crazy right now?

Our friendship ended five years ago, all my attempts to fix it have failed. I havent called you in three years, and I havent seen you in four. I havent tried. I havent tried "running into you". I just havent. I guess I should be happy that places in SF dont bring up your face anymore, dont bring up memories of you... but why is it that at the most random times I find myself thinking about you?


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

How does someone who eats all the time have hunger headaches?!

Seriiiiiiiously! I really suck at updating blogs these days. Or maybe its because I'm never home because my boyfriend has found himself in a ditch. Anyyywayyy, got a couple of haul's I need to update on, of course, as always. I haul faster than I update. Wtfh! Typical! So dummy me, just realized yesterday while I was at MAC that you can make a palette at any MAC store. I was excited to find out yesterday that I could, now I dont have to drive to the freakin pro store anymore! Pulled out random colors, I might switch them out later. Once I figure out what I really want. Gonna do my first LUSH haul tomorrow! I'm pretty excited. And probably bump into Kristy. Since it's been six years since I've seen her! Totally just got off the phone with her. Aww.

Just A Little Too Not Over You. Has been stuck in my head this passed week. I hope you're right. I hope I forget about him some day. Its getting easier, I guess. Dont think I can handle seeing him any time soon though. Funny it went from Crush to this song, almost at the right time. Weiiiiiiiird.

I'm expecting a nice package tomorrow morning. From an awesome friend. Who spent WAY too much money on my bday gift. How thoughtful of him! And my best guy friend didnt even remember my birthday *grumble*. I'm demoting you Joey. To part time best guy friend. Punk!

Finally got my taxes done today. Given myself a migraine from stressing about it til 430AM this morning, couldnt freakin sleep cause of that shit. I feel a little better, but now I gotta worry about the boyfriend's stupid school loans that keep getting denied. GRRR. One day at a time! *breathes in, breathes out*. Dammit!!!

Hmm, what else did I want to write about...?? Goodness, my memory fails me all the time... then again I just took Excedrin and I'm waiting for it to kick in...

Oh! I bought Fast & Furious: Tokyo Drift today since its my favorite one! Besides the 4th one, of course. I'm glad they have a digital copy for my ipod (as cute as my nano is, I hate that its 8gigs, its almost full! Shit!) and I also got Ace of Cakes Season 2. Shh dont tell the boyfriend haha. I also got The Best of Unwrapped yesterday! I miss watching The Food Network! I miss watching tv, period actually.

Speaking of (kinda), the boyfriend is tryin to get me to meditate at this "haunted" park. It is kinda pretty. It has a creek and a bridge and a lot of open area... too bad I think parks with creeks and bridge are creepy! But whatever, I'll give it a try. Besides, if it is haunted hes the one who's gonna... never mind.

I probably should get started on one of the many things I have to do before the trip. Migraine cause you go away so I can think straight? Please? Thanks.

Monday, April 13, 2009


I had a great birthday yesterday. I had things lined up and planned but totally forgot that since it was Easter all the malls would be closed. I was a bit bummed out about that, but my boyfriend made things better =).

We had lunch at this place my friend suggested in downtown San Jose and it was so good. Our waitress was SO friendly, the food came out fast too. Everything was fresh and juicy and so good. The boyfriend mentioned to her it was my birthday after I told him not to! And she brought out a delicious chocolate decadence cake that was fudgy but not over powering. It was SO FUCKIN GOOD. OMG. I really enjoyed it there. After we walked to the little park across the street, it was such a nice day out!

Then headed to Valley Fair only to find out that it was closed. So we went to Sprinkles Cupcakes (which was a maybe on the list since it's so far away, but I'm kinda happy we got to go!), I finally got my Lemon Cupcakes and I also got the seasonal Easter Brown Sugar Caramel Cupcake. I only got 2 this time cause I usually dont finish it when I get 4. And these were the only two I really wanted to try. So super happy about that! Walked around the Stanford Shopping Center, even though everything was closed it was still nice to walk around, I love the Stanford Shopping Center. It's so relaxing!

Then we headed to Century at Great Mall to see Fast & Furious! Boyfriend got me a kids pack without me asking =) and I got some sour belts. He spoiled me so much yesterday. I LOVED THE MOVIE. OMG. It was so intense. It was SO good! I loveloveLOVED it! I actually kinda wanna see it again haha. And Han! I loveloveLOVE Han! I'm so sad he died in Tokyo Drift. But it was a nice little spin off they did. I cant decide which F&F I like more, this one or Tokyo Drift. After the movie we had dinner at my favorite place, Coconut Grove! I tried out the Pad Thai this time and it was pretty good. It went well with babe's Pineapple Fried Rice. After dinner we went home. Babe didnt get me anything, just a card. He wants to get me something at Disneyland instead, since he has a strict rule about not buying me clothes or makeup. Fine with me =). And his mom made me a really really pretty dream catcher... and it had blue stars in it! I was totally surprised. Its so pretty! I accidentally left it in the car though, so I cant take a picture. Booooo!!

Now today's back to business... gotta get a bunch of stuff done and ready for the trip! I'm super excited but I hate packing. Ughhh!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Change of username.

For someone who starts over all the time, I should be use to having to change everything. But I'm not... and I'm too lazy to do all of this. But I'm in the process of re-tagging all of my pictures. Not fun. Esp when you've got a crap load of entries to go through. Though it does look better in the end.

I like how easy it is to export your blog on blogspot and I should be happy it is and that all you have to do is re-add all of your subs (and hope they also re-add you back). But that part was kind of a hassle. Oh well, I should be glad the hardest part was the easiest.

The boyfriend was right, thispoiledbitch wasnt such a great idea for a blog name. Though at the time I wasnt really thinking of it. I didnt really know what else to name it and considering that most if the stuff was hauls, I figured... what better name! Yeah, totally regret it now... good job Marie. Hah. Whatever, you live and learn!

MY BIRTHDAY IS TOMORROW!!! Okay I'm not that excited. After 20 birthday's dont end up being as fun as they use to be... lame! Today's my cousin's birthday. I still find it kind of funny that his birthday is the day before mine. Of couse when we were kids it only meant double the family parties! April is a big party month in my family, just not in my household family... I'm the only one in the house not born in August. And yes, sometimes it makes me feel a little left out. Not really lol.

I think my body hates me, usually my period comes in during the first week of the month. Like before the 10th. This month however, it decided to grace me with its presences TODAY. Yes, the day before my BIRTHDAY. And as I'm writing this, my tail bone feels like it needs to pop and I'm cramping like no other! Oh body, why?! I was expecting you but not today!!! That only means that tomorrow I'm either going to be in twice as much pain than I am in today or I'm not gonna be in pain at all. One can only hope its the latter, but it might actually be the first. Lame. Lame. Lame. Of course the boyfriend calmed me down saying if its really that bad, we'll pick up a bottle of midol before we go out for the day.

At least I didnt get it right before our vacation. THAT woulda really sucked. So I guess I'll deal with this pain and annoyance tomorrow and just be glad it was a week before vacation.

Back to editing pictures... ughhh.

Up close & personal!

I was actually against having two blogs under "foolishxlady" but I didnt want to make a whole different account for my personal blog so I decided to just give in and make one. Its not like anyone will really notice, except me.

I dont really have a super super public blog out there besides a livejournal I made for the purpose of being a public journal only to not update it. But if you're interested in knowing what it is anyway, here you go.

So here is where you'll find things more about me.