Tuesday, April 14, 2009

How does someone who eats all the time have hunger headaches?!

Seriiiiiiiously! I really suck at updating blogs these days. Or maybe its because I'm never home because my boyfriend has found himself in a ditch. Anyyywayyy, got a couple of haul's I need to update on, of course, as always. I haul faster than I update. Wtfh! Typical! So dummy me, just realized yesterday while I was at MAC that you can make a palette at any MAC store. I was excited to find out yesterday that I could, now I dont have to drive to the freakin pro store anymore! Pulled out random colors, I might switch them out later. Once I figure out what I really want. Gonna do my first LUSH haul tomorrow! I'm pretty excited. And probably bump into Kristy. Since it's been six years since I've seen her! Totally just got off the phone with her. Aww.

Just A Little Too Not Over You. Has been stuck in my head this passed week. I hope you're right. I hope I forget about him some day. Its getting easier, I guess. Dont think I can handle seeing him any time soon though. Funny it went from Crush to this song, almost at the right time. Weiiiiiiiird.

I'm expecting a nice package tomorrow morning. From an awesome friend. Who spent WAY too much money on my bday gift. How thoughtful of him! And my best guy friend didnt even remember my birthday *grumble*. I'm demoting you Joey. To part time best guy friend. Punk!

Finally got my taxes done today. Given myself a migraine from stressing about it til 430AM this morning, couldnt freakin sleep cause of that shit. I feel a little better, but now I gotta worry about the boyfriend's stupid school loans that keep getting denied. GRRR. One day at a time! *breathes in, breathes out*. Dammit!!!

Hmm, what else did I want to write about...?? Goodness, my memory fails me all the time... then again I just took Excedrin and I'm waiting for it to kick in...

Oh! I bought Fast & Furious: Tokyo Drift today since its my favorite one! Besides the 4th one, of course. I'm glad they have a digital copy for my ipod (as cute as my nano is, I hate that its 8gigs, its almost full! Shit!) and I also got Ace of Cakes Season 2. Shh dont tell the boyfriend haha. I also got The Best of Unwrapped yesterday! I miss watching The Food Network! I miss watching tv, period actually.

Speaking of (kinda), the boyfriend is tryin to get me to meditate at this "haunted" park. It is kinda pretty. It has a creek and a bridge and a lot of open area... too bad I think parks with creeks and bridge are creepy! But whatever, I'll give it a try. Besides, if it is haunted hes the one who's gonna... never mind.

I probably should get started on one of the many things I have to do before the trip. Migraine cause you go away so I can think straight? Please? Thanks.

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