Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My life sucks without you.

June 6th, 2003

- well life will get a lot harder.
- aww, dont worry i'll protect you as much as i humanly can

This conversation. The tone in your voice rings in my head still to this day. Memories of you should have faded by now. Your smile and your laugh shouldnt still be so vivid. I dont remember the sound of your voice, but I can still hear you say that last sentence and I can still sense how serious you were by your tone.

Where are you?

Where's my bestfriend? The person who kept me sane for so long. The person who claimed I kept sane.

- you know if it wasnt for you i'd seriously be crazy right now?

Our friendship ended five years ago, all my attempts to fix it have failed. I havent called you in three years, and I havent seen you in four. I havent tried. I havent tried "running into you". I just havent. I guess I should be happy that places in SF dont bring up your face anymore, dont bring up memories of you... but why is it that at the most random times I find myself thinking about you?


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