Monday, April 13, 2009


I had a great birthday yesterday. I had things lined up and planned but totally forgot that since it was Easter all the malls would be closed. I was a bit bummed out about that, but my boyfriend made things better =).

We had lunch at this place my friend suggested in downtown San Jose and it was so good. Our waitress was SO friendly, the food came out fast too. Everything was fresh and juicy and so good. The boyfriend mentioned to her it was my birthday after I told him not to! And she brought out a delicious chocolate decadence cake that was fudgy but not over powering. It was SO FUCKIN GOOD. OMG. I really enjoyed it there. After we walked to the little park across the street, it was such a nice day out!

Then headed to Valley Fair only to find out that it was closed. So we went to Sprinkles Cupcakes (which was a maybe on the list since it's so far away, but I'm kinda happy we got to go!), I finally got my Lemon Cupcakes and I also got the seasonal Easter Brown Sugar Caramel Cupcake. I only got 2 this time cause I usually dont finish it when I get 4. And these were the only two I really wanted to try. So super happy about that! Walked around the Stanford Shopping Center, even though everything was closed it was still nice to walk around, I love the Stanford Shopping Center. It's so relaxing!

Then we headed to Century at Great Mall to see Fast & Furious! Boyfriend got me a kids pack without me asking =) and I got some sour belts. He spoiled me so much yesterday. I LOVED THE MOVIE. OMG. It was so intense. It was SO good! I loveloveLOVED it! I actually kinda wanna see it again haha. And Han! I loveloveLOVE Han! I'm so sad he died in Tokyo Drift. But it was a nice little spin off they did. I cant decide which F&F I like more, this one or Tokyo Drift. After the movie we had dinner at my favorite place, Coconut Grove! I tried out the Pad Thai this time and it was pretty good. It went well with babe's Pineapple Fried Rice. After dinner we went home. Babe didnt get me anything, just a card. He wants to get me something at Disneyland instead, since he has a strict rule about not buying me clothes or makeup. Fine with me =). And his mom made me a really really pretty dream catcher... and it had blue stars in it! I was totally surprised. Its so pretty! I accidentally left it in the car though, so I cant take a picture. Booooo!!

Now today's back to business... gotta get a bunch of stuff done and ready for the trip! I'm super excited but I hate packing. Ughhh!

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