Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Best idea I ever had!

A few days ago, I was waiting for my parents to come home and I was looking through my mom's makeup. I noticed that her eyeshadow covers were cracked off, her sponge applicators were literally falling apart. Her beauty powder was worn out and the sponge applicator for that was all flimsy... it was just, depressing. My mom's been using her makeup for years. I guess filipino parents dont spend much time updating their makeup til they literally run out. So since Mother's Day is coming up, and I'm such a makeup junkie these days, I decided to make her a MAC palette. I was gonna make her two, but the blues/green's idea I had wasnt going to work. So I just made her a browns/whites & the boyfriend picked out an LA Colors palette that caught my eye. I also bought her some NYX blush ($.99 at Amuse!) and Flirt! brushes. I'm also gonna include an ELF brush. Kinda like giving her something of all of my favorite brands. I'm thinking of making her a MAC palette of all of my favorite colors too. I was thinking of getting her follow-up gifts for her birthday too. I was gonna get her a new beauty powder & lipstick but I dont know if I should wait til her birthday to do that.

Martin came up with the idea to get my dad an ipod for Father's Day, I thought that was a pretty cool idea. So yeah, I hope he likes that too. Gonna put all his favorite bands on there and some of my favorite songs since he always talks about how he likes my songs and stuff... follow-up gifts for him too would be a speaker or something.

So I just called Disneyland to apply for Club 33, and apparently the waiting list is FULL and so is the member list. FML lol. I'll check again in September, I suppose. The wait time is 2-3 years. Hm.

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