Sunday, April 19, 2009

Rush, rush, rush.

So today's the last day before my birthday vacay. I have so much to get done today (and it doesnt help that your boyfriend is more forgetful than you are) and I'm in such a RUSH!!! I havent been able to spend a day at home this whole week because of ... ugh! Whatever lol. I got most of everything done so far and its only 3:52PM so I think I'll be good by the end of the day. Not really sure at this point... but I can hope!

Anyway, Thursday night I went out to dinner with two of my best friends for a late birthday thing. It was alright. A little rushed cause Audrey takes forever to get ready lol. But I was glad to see both Audrey & Joey again. It's been a long while since we all got to hang out again. Esp with Joey and his crazy work schedule. Although *cough*. Yeah.

Other than that, my birthday week has been going good so far. I got a package from a friend for my birthday. He totally spoiled the crap out of me!

Isnt that nuts?!? First he said he was gonna get me the Bamboo tablet (as a way to get me back into graphic designing cause I mentioned I wanted one) then he decided to throw in the Japanese car fresheners. I have NO idea where the mana drinks and Gloomy Bear came from!!! Haha. But it was a surprise. His excuse was he needed to fill the box. Uhhuh, sure lol.

The little orange freshener with the eyes is called "Happy Poppy" and I didnt know if I wanted it cause I usually dont do well with liquid car fresheners but this one smells soooo good! It's like a happy fresh squeezed orange juice scent. It's so good. I love it!!

Not to mention he also bought me an itunes gift card yesterday since he didnt include the CD's he said he would in my gift so I have something to listen to on the plane. How sweet is that?! =)

I havent eaten yet today... I'm gonna make a cup of noodles in a minute. I gotta go out to my car to get some stuff out the trunk. I hate leaving the house in my "home clothes" lousy OCD. Seriously. I was thinkin of just putting it together tomorrow morning, but I'll be waking up at 4AM and I dont function all that well that early in the morning. Its been awhile since I woke up that early, so I'm almost 90% sure I'll be grumpy being up that early. At least I already have my outfit worked out. So that's one less to worry about.

I've been repeating "I Hate This Part" by PCD (thanks to Audrey!) and A Little Too Not Over You by David Archuleta. Ugh.

Now off to update with my hauls.

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