Friday, April 24, 2009


We got back the other night and I was so pooped out that all I wanted to do was just go to bed! It didnt help that my left ear was still super plugged up and in PAIN. Lame, I hate painful ear pops even hours after you get off the plane. Yesterday was spent in Vacaville. Had yummy Mad Fish and watched 17 again which I loveloveloved! I wanna see it again! Zac is kinda hot... lol.

The trip was great. Didnt worry, stress, or think about life at home for a whole three days. It was exactly what I needed, I feel so refreshed right now =). Martin was so sweet the whole three days and constantly making sure I was okay (then again he does that everyday, most days lol). He didnt start a fight with me about a rollercoaster this time, yay lol. I had a ton of fun! We didnt end up going to our reservation at Blue Bayou because the first day we were there was SO hot! I ended up getting a reallyyyy bad heat headache. We ended up leaving the park at around 7-ish because my head was throbbing so bad. But we got to the park at 10-ish AM and managed ride everything we wanted to ride.

I'll write a whole seperate entry on the trip later. There's just too much to remember and talk about. The trip was great though. We're planning on going back in September for the Disney convention (first ever). Oh and babe bought me my bday gift, he paid for my pearl necklace (we get one every trip).

Now that we're home... its back to the daily stressers. Bills, finding a job, figuring out school and just being plain annoyed at everything.


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