Saturday, April 11, 2009

Change of username.

For someone who starts over all the time, I should be use to having to change everything. But I'm not... and I'm too lazy to do all of this. But I'm in the process of re-tagging all of my pictures. Not fun. Esp when you've got a crap load of entries to go through. Though it does look better in the end.

I like how easy it is to export your blog on blogspot and I should be happy it is and that all you have to do is re-add all of your subs (and hope they also re-add you back). But that part was kind of a hassle. Oh well, I should be glad the hardest part was the easiest.

The boyfriend was right, thispoiledbitch wasnt such a great idea for a blog name. Though at the time I wasnt really thinking of it. I didnt really know what else to name it and considering that most if the stuff was hauls, I figured... what better name! Yeah, totally regret it now... good job Marie. Hah. Whatever, you live and learn!

MY BIRTHDAY IS TOMORROW!!! Okay I'm not that excited. After 20 birthday's dont end up being as fun as they use to be... lame! Today's my cousin's birthday. I still find it kind of funny that his birthday is the day before mine. Of couse when we were kids it only meant double the family parties! April is a big party month in my family, just not in my household family... I'm the only one in the house not born in August. And yes, sometimes it makes me feel a little left out. Not really lol.

I think my body hates me, usually my period comes in during the first week of the month. Like before the 10th. This month however, it decided to grace me with its presences TODAY. Yes, the day before my BIRTHDAY. And as I'm writing this, my tail bone feels like it needs to pop and I'm cramping like no other! Oh body, why?! I was expecting you but not today!!! That only means that tomorrow I'm either going to be in twice as much pain than I am in today or I'm not gonna be in pain at all. One can only hope its the latter, but it might actually be the first. Lame. Lame. Lame. Of course the boyfriend calmed me down saying if its really that bad, we'll pick up a bottle of midol before we go out for the day.

At least I didnt get it right before our vacation. THAT woulda really sucked. So I guess I'll deal with this pain and annoyance tomorrow and just be glad it was a week before vacation.

Back to editing pictures... ughhh.

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