Friday, May 1, 2009

You boys spoil me!

Yesterday my favorite ex boyfriend (hes my favorite for a reason, its a long story lol) texted me saying he just passed the biggest Sephora he's ever seen... so the conversation kinda went like this:

Me: Did you buy me anything? Lol
Him: No, I dont even know how to buy makeup! What do you want?
Me: Would you really buy me something? Hahaha.
Him: Yeah.
Me: A gift card!
Him: Alright. We have to come back tomorrow so Lana can buy her dress. I'll get you a gift card =).

Haha. He's the cutest. Even though he HATES that I spend so much damn money on make up because I dont need it and blah blah blah haha. Of course I told Martin, I tell Martin everything haha. And hes like "see guys still like you, you got all these guys buying you things and shit" haha whatever. Its for my birthday loser. But I do have some amazing guy friends. And the friend who bought me the tablet went to Fry's today and asked if I wanted anything awww. Seriously, best guy friends ever.

I have to spend today:
  • Editing videos
  • Updating my 3 blogs
  • Updating my Flickr
  • Uploading my Disneyland pics
  • Cleaning up my room (being a hoarder SUCKS)
  • Watching a movie
I'm determined to watch at least ONE movie today, an hour of doing nothing but laying in bed watching a movie will be good for me..... if I can get to my DVD player... which is where the cleaning my room comes in.

My DVD player is behind the bamboo box. Why I have all that crap there, I have no clue. I always clean it then end up with more crap there than I had before. It's insane.

This whole rescission thing is starting to hit me. I know, I'm SO late. And all this time I've been splurging on MAC and Sephora and shit haha. Myyy bad. Speaking of, I need to find a job/get my website up ASAP. I havent designed anything or coded anything in so long and I always feel like I dont have time to re-learn everything. Which really sucks. Anyway, some things that make me happy during this rescission?

ELF -, now last year when I first started buying random shit from this site (I mean, come on the entire site is $1, you're bound to get carried away), I didnt find anything I liked. Everything I bought & tried, I hated. I have a little train case of ELF stuff that I dont even touch anymore. But then they came out with their Mineral line, I havent really tried anything from it, I have a couple of things from it but I havent tried anything yet. And more recently, they came out with their Studio line. The compacts for the Studio line look exactly like the ones for NARS. Their blush/bronzer duo is suppose to be comparable to NARS Orgasm blush & Laguna or something. The thing I love the most about their Studio line is their brushes. $3 for amazing brushes? I tend to get carried away. And now that I've been using more make up, I really like the $1 Tone Correcting Concealer and the $1 clear mascara.

Wal-Mart - I really hate to admit this. I use to work for them in 2004 and it was the WORST experience of my LIFE. I sworn to never shop at Wal Mart again. Though I do, maybe once a month or once every two months. The thing that sucks is that they're the only place that sells my frozen cheesy broccoli rice! Sucks! I was there yesterday looking for a gaming head set and I went to pick up my cheesy rice. I checked their frozen dinner Banquet section (you know the ones in the red box that are usually $1 or 10/$10, I've been eating these forever, they're so good) since I discovered the premium Banquet meals (which are DELICIOUS) and they had them. Not only did they have the premium ones but their Banquet meals were $.88!!!! YES, $.88 for my favorite delicious frozen dinners! I was SO excited! They also had ones that I havent seen before. Oh Wal-Mart you make it so hard to hate you!

Apparently my mom got a bit excited about this too, when I got home our fridge was PACKED with them LOL.

NYX had their set sales. It was like set 1 had lipgloss and eyeshadow singles, set 2 had liquid eyeliners and double sided pencils, set 3 had 29 false eyelashes, set 4 had lipsticks and eyeshadow trios.... something like that. Anyway, I got set 2 and set 3. For $24 I got 29 false eyelashes & for another $22 I got a crap load of liquid eyeliners and double sided pencils.

Yeah, that's a lot of crap haha. I dont really know how I feel about their liquid eyeliners. Last time I tried to apply it, the tip was too flimsy. NYX is also now having their site blow out sale where the WHOLE site is 50% off. But its 50% off your total not like, every item is 50% off. I bought my stuff from Cherry Culture instead, they're also having the NYX 50% off. Plus everything on the NYX site is pretty much sold out and the sale has only been going on for 3 hours. Nuts.

K, off to get things done!

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