Sunday, May 17, 2009

San Jose with Sammie & Martin =].

Yesterday was Sammie's only free day so we drove out to South City to go pick her up and she had this huge pink Juicy Couture bag with her. She mentioned she was going to mail my gift some time last week but judging by how heavy it was, that woulda been a shit load of shipping!! Haha. So we headed out to Palo Alto to take her to Sprinkles. Made a quick stop to Sony Style and Sephora before heading to Sprinkles. I ended up getting Cinnamon Sugar, Red Velvet, Banana and Dark Chocolate Banana. We ate there, I had the Dark Chocolate Banana and babe had the Banana. OMG, I think I've found a new favorite! It was delicious. The frosting and banana went SO well together.... okay I think I'll save that for my food blog LOL.

Anyway, after that we headed to Valley Fair. Went to Bare Escentuals first and I got those eye make up remover q-tips ($5! I've been missing out!) finally!! I found them!! Thanks Sammie! Haha. And I also finally got my brush for my crease. Yay! We also got a free sample of Hydrating Mineral Veil. I'm excited to try it since my skin is always so dry. After that, we headed to the food court to get something to eat. Then to Nordstroms, then to Lush (and she gave me half of her Honey I Shrunk the Kids soap! Aww, how sweet!) then to MAC (didnt get anything, booo) and a few other stores... then to Sephora (didnt get anything there either... booo!) after Valley Fair I brought her to Pinkberry. Tried to find somewhere to have dinner and decided on Quickly's back in Daly City.

So we headed out to Daly City and walked over to Chase then to Avon (which was closed, darn) and stopped by this little Asian store and got some gummy choco's and some dried octopus legs, yum! Quicklys was pretty good, they had a large selection and their bento boxes were pretty good. And they had Udon! Haha. After that we dropped Sammie off and headed home. Me & Martin stayed up wayyy too late the night before so we were both really tired by the middle of the day LOL. Like, I was getting super sleepy. And it was hot, so I guess that didnt help either!

I got home and made a video of me opening my gift since Sammie wanted me to and OMGGGG. OMG! OMG OMG! Haha. She gave me so much stuff!!! I'll take pictures of everything and post it later, but OMG! I think my favorite part of it all was the note on the Serendipity napkin (the only free part haha, sorry chick!). It was sweet! But I did LOVE everything she gave me! OMG haha. My battery died before I got to the last part of the gift and of course, you cant remake opening a gift video! Haha. So its okay! I'll just post the last part in pictures. But aww, I feel so spoiled! Thanks Sammie!!!

I went to bed early last night cause my allergies were kicking my ass. I woke up feeling like shit still, ugh. My throat hurts, I'm all sniffly and its HOT!!! Having massive allergies with flu like symptoms and it being hot is never a good thing. Then again, I always get sick in the summer.

Today I plan to clean my room and fix up my web page, this project is so damn discouraging.

I need to figure out school stuff too, and I'm so scared I'm making the wrong choice all the time, dont you hate when that happens? *siiiigh*.

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