Thursday, May 7, 2009


I'm suppose to be making video's right now... but I ended up on Twitter, then I ended up plucking my eyebrows cause they needed to be. Ugh, I hate plucking my eyebrows. I use to do it every Monday, when I first had my them threaded to keep that look but then I got lazy and now they're out of control! I have to get them re-threaded but that shit hurts! So I tried plucking some of it so it wont be as painful when I do get them threaded. It's silly that I'm insecure about my eyebrows. But the left one grows funny. Like the end kinda comes up. It's suppose to be some Filipino urban legend that if your eyebrow grows like that you're gonna grow up and be "bad". Whatever, threading that shit! Haha. I dont know if I'll be doing any videos soon, I kinda wanna.... fix that before I do. And of course the boyfriend thinks I'm being silly. But hey, I dont tell him he's being silly for being a work out addict. You do you, I do me. Shiiit lol!

I went to Target yesterday and picked up my first Cover Girl palette. I'll post pictures later, I dont feel like doing it right now. I also got that Revlon ColorStay Mineral Finishing Powder. Gonna try that out. Also got Gardening Mama! Hells yeah! I have all the Cooking Mama games for both DS & Wii.

I'm still tryin to think of a good layout for the site. I'm thinkin of just pickin a song I'm hella feelin right now and making a Chuck & Blair layout or some shit, whatever yah know! I just need to get this shit up & open! I needs to get that foolishxlady one up too, I dont know what I want that to be about. Then I gotta figure out this WordPress plugins stuff... ughh. I shoulda never took a break from all this web stuff. I'm so non computer savvy now too, I cant even get my headset to work! How freakin sad. I need to get back on top of my game! Ughhh. Being lazy is deadly, I'm tellin you! Years just pass and you aint got shit to look back on. It's nuts!

Today's gonna be spent paying bills and splurging a bit, I hope. That's if I find somethin I like. Thinkin of getting some MAC pigments, but I'm sure once I get up close & personal I'll change my mind -- as always.

So a few days ago, my ex boyfriend tell's me he's getting married. I was totally shocked at the news. I mean, I'm happy because he's happy. And I like seeing him happy. But I'd be lying if I said I wasnt a little bummed about it. Why? I dont really know. One of my friends that have been there through our whole story says this is a good thing! Emphasize on the exclamation point lol. She means well, I know she does. Maybe she's right, I can finally close this chapter and put it all behind me. I think its the thought of that... that bums me out. But when I think back on all of it, a lot of our story takes place in high school. Back when I constantly needed saving, and I think it scares me that I need to stop thinking of the past. High school is getting farther and farther away from me and who know's, being 24 could be the BEST year of my life but I'm still hung up over being 17 that I'll miss it.

I'm happy for you CJ. Congrats on your engagement. I'll be getting your soul back to you soon. Parting with it after having it for six years is going to be a little hard, though lol.

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