Monday, May 4, 2009

Gloomy day!

It didnt rain today, but it was still pretty gloomy.

I woke up kinda early and did some laundry before Martin woke up. Woke him up before the laundry was done and got ready then went to get him. I was super hungry so he offered to drive (aww). Went to H&R Block to get my tax return check. Waited for like, half an hour! Just to get a check! What the heck! Then went to the bank after chatting with Sammie (who's in Vegas right now!) for awhile. Headed to Concord and had lunch at the Korean BBQ at the mall, mmm Gyozyo's! I totally spelled that wrong and I'm too lazy to look it up lol. I also had Udon soup, yum! Martin had Subway. Boooo, boring! Haha. Walked around a bit and he dropped me off at my usual spot then he headed to the gym... and took all my credit card's with him!!! And left saying "be good" gee, I dont think I have any other choice! LOL. I coulda splurged my $100 I cashed out... but that's for my external hard drive. Lame lol.

Headed to the bakery, got my usual... Turkey Cobb Salad & Soup! They didnt have Chicken Noodle though, so I got the Tomato... boo. Tomato was my favorite before I discovered how comfort-like their Chicken Noodle was lol. I was suppose to be finishing up my book (I'm way behind on my books & DVD's list.... eep!) but I ended up on my sidekick and Twitter most of the time I was there. My ipod is in desperate need to being charged too... ah.

After Martin was done at the gym, we headed to Fry's so I could get my external hard drive (my little tax return splurge) and he could look for his DVD-R's. After that went to Micheal's and I picked up some crystal's and a beading book... I think I'm gonna start making jewelry! There's a cute bead store I saw in Vacaville... might have to check that out!

Just got off Wii with Martin, he came to my Animal Crossing town =D. I told him I was having a hard time with the Wii controls and he was like "I clean for you" so he picked all the weeds out of my town, aww what a sweetie!!! He was makin me giggle every time he'd run passed me and pull out a weed haha.

Tomorrow's gonna be full of making a layout for my site and fixing up my wordpress/flickr/livejournal stuff... yay! It started raining when it got dark, I dont know if its still raining now... but its cold. My feet are freezing!!

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