Sunday, May 24, 2009

Yesterday was a good day =]

SPiNNiNG: Think Of You by Case <3.

I was in a blah mood yesterday. I kinda wanted to stay home but I kinda wanted to go out. And I kinda wanted to go to Target in the next city over cause they sell ELF there lol. I know, silly reason. But Martin wanted to go to Bay Street, and I figured why not. I wanted to try California Pizza Kitchen since all my friends keep talking about it. So we go over there and we get the BBQ Pizza and I get a cherry lemonade and OMGGG, the food was SO good. I wanted to get another one to go, but instead I got a hot fudge sundae. I know wtf. Went to B&N real quick but didnt end up looking at anything cause we wanted to go to Ranch 99 too.

So headed over to Ranch, walked around a bit. I got a little cute jar and those star papers. I was on a search for smellies (as my friend calls them) and OMG they were super over priced! I did get to test smell them though, so I have a nice little wish list for him next time he orders LOL. I got a King Mickey (from Kingdom Hearts) shirt and I got.... a Axel figurine!!! Martin had pointed out they had a series 3 out now, but it only showed Minnie, Jack Sparrow and Sora. I have Axel for series 2 (or was it Roxas, I cant remember) so I was bummed about that, but when I was about to pay for my shirt, I noticed they had a mini's for series 3 and AXEL was one of them. But it was one of those at random boxes. So me and the cashier were trying to guess which one was Axel. She said if I got Jack she'd let me pick another one cause she wanted Jack. So I opened my first box and it was Jack haha. So I had Martin pick my next box and IT WAS AXEL!!! I was so excited!! Hehe. Yayy!!

Went to the grocery store to get Egg Drop Soup but they dont sell it anymore =(. It was one of the best I've had (besides the one in the Philippines)! I did get a small thing of Chow Mein, 2 pot stickers and 1 shrimp dumpling but the lady gave me one for free =D. The Chow Mein was so good! And it was only $1.70, she packed it too lol.

After that we headed to Wal Mart back home. Picked up some groceries that came out to $11. And it was a crap load of stuff. Wal Mart makes it so hard for me to hate them.... arghhh!

Came home and worked on my layout some more, I love the way it turned out! I just gotta figure out the navigation today and the CSS and I'm done! Martin got his own domain yesterday too! I'm pretty excited to see how it'll turn out =).

I'm excited I hit 20 blogger followers and 29 youtube subscribers last night!! Yayyy!!! =)

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Chef Ray said...

man you know I would invite you, but the thing is I am only limited to 4 people only :( sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!