Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Domain & layout troubles.

I finally got around to attempting to make my domain layout/banner today and I hated it! I hate when I make something & I hate it. It discourages me and I most likely give up. I know, not the best way to go about things, right? Then again I cant just expect to make something amazing if I havent even attempted to make a layout or banner for the last four years. I think I just expect too much out of myself.

::sigh:: back to the drawing board....

I've been obsessed with "I'll Forgive You" by Bobby Valentino && "Jai Ho!" by Pussycat Dolls (thanks to my bestie!). Seriously, only things I listen to. Oh and "Last Chance" by Ginuwine annnnd I found my favorite version of Mambo, Italiano. So that was pretty exciting. Dont you just hate when you love hard to find songs? It gets a bit frustrating at times.

I havent had much to blog about... life isnt to exciting these days...

I finally paid off my school fee's the other day. That I owed from last semester. I know. Walking away saying "fuck that I aint payin shit" probably isnt the best way to go LOL. So I went and paid that off & I signed up for summer school classes. I'm listed for the one I wanted and I'm wish listed on the other one I want... I know I should take some GE, but I'm too scared to, to be honest! I'm horrible when it comes to college. But I'm determined to make things right (dont I say that every semester? Hopefully I mean it this time...) even if it means asking Bernard for help/studying in his living room. I'm sure he wont mind!

Oh! The other day I gave in and I GOT WICKED TICKETS!!!!!!!!! I got the day, time and price I wanted! So I'm pretty excited about that!!

Downside of the week/end? A second credit card got its limit lowered. I was starting to think I did something wrong til Sammie sent me an article about how 1 in 6 american's are dealing with this problem (but it happened to me twice, wtf?!). So I'm not too worried about it. It just sucks they switched my limit in the middle of my billing cycle, so its "over". Even though I didnt receive this letter they speak of. Its funny how they can email you offers and coupons but they snail mail you the important shit like oh, I dont know... lowering your credit limit?! Gee, thanks.

Yesterday I gave in and ended up buying the Gossip Girl season finale. I told myself I was gonna watch Season 1 and watch Season 2 when it comes out and wait to watch the finale then, but everyone was talking about it so I just gave in and watched it. And I really liked it! Blair and Chuck are the hottest couple ever!

Screw Edward Cullen, I need me a Chuck Bass!!!

Me and the bestie were talking last night. And I was saying "I like when a guy does you wrong then runs back saying how much they need you and how sorry they are, then does it again and creates this endless heartbreaking cycle" and she was like "oh, you mean assholes?" and I was like "YES! I LOVE THAT!" hahahhaa. Its true, guys are attracted to bitches and girls are attracted to assholes! Maybe that's why I was so stuck on CJ (sorry CJ, but you know its true. You were a total asshole but its okay I still *heart* you LOL). Maybe the reason for me is different than everyone else. I dont take a lot of things seriously, and I dont know, I just love when they run back and admit how wrong they were and how they realize how important you are to them. Just the fucked up-ness of it all. Is hot haha. Plus nothings better than making up after breaking up. Right?! Sometimes I think I should still be going around making mistakes instead of being with one person for so long. But at the same time, I think I've done enough damage to my name lol. Besides, I would really miss Martin. Which kinda makes me gag to actually say that. I know, I know. We've been together for five years and I'm still super anti-relationship-ish. Crazy, I know.

Totally off subject, but I've been super addicted to ELF lately. Like, as soon as I got hooked on their Studio Brushes, I've been making orders from them like crazy! But then I always get those 50% off codes and stuff, so that might be why. They released a new collection, I forgot what its called... Sugar Kiss or something? I wish they'd add more things to their Studio Collection! I hope they do! I finally found the lipstick color I've been searching high and low for at MAC (it isnt the exact one since the one I had wasnt MAC, but it matches from what I remember) and I got a Paint Pot, just to see what its all about. I didnt get the one that I assumed I'd get, but its okay.

That's about all thats been goin on!

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