Monday, May 25, 2009

Oh, weather changes. And WordPress.

My skin type is extremely dry. When the weather changes, it goes nuts. It starts itching and flaking and its just not cute and rather annoying!! I cant wear mineral or powder foundation (or any powder really on my face) because it not only irritates my skin but it emphasizes on the dry area's. I cant wear heavy amounts of make up on my cheeks either for the same reason. I do moisturize before bed and I did exfoliate up until my exfoliate expired. I should re-order a new one before Bath & Body Works discontinues it since it seems to be the only one that hasnt terribly dried out or irritated my skin. *sigh*. It just sucks to deal with this all the time! Then of course, by the middle of summer I'll be a huge shine ball. Oh skin, why must you hate me? It's not just my face either, it my hands too.

Oh another note...

I finally figured out how to install WordPress on to my main page, as you can see. I also figured out how to install the non easy one. So I now have full control over my WordPress. The only problem is, I'm extremely new to WordPress. And I know I cant just jump into it thinking that I know exactly what I'm doing if I've never sat down and had a nice can of Dr. Pepper with it! And yet, I expect just that to happen. I'm still trying to get use to all the things on the left side. All the nifty gadgets and plugins and widgets...

My biggest irritation right now though, is trying to figure out how to edit my template! I've looked at a bunch of other sites powered by WordPress to see how they did theirs, but I dont know if its a WordPress template or an actually layout. I hate how default-ish my page looks right now! Grrr. I'm also trying to figure out if it would be possible to create/edit my WordPress template in DreamWeaver.

I'm not a huge fan of DreamWeaver. I took a web design class in 2005, and it was so hard to understand... then again this is coming from someone who started when Notepad was the "DreamWeaver". So I guess I'm still stuck in that I'd-rather-edit-on-notepad phase. I'm having fun figuring all this out though. I forgot how fun and rewarding web and graphic design can be. I regret leaving it for five years. But hey, I'm back now and I'm gonna be better than I was before =).

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