Friday, May 15, 2009

It's a wonderful life, isnt it?

I wish life was as simple as the quote I repeat to myself.

"Life's simple, you make choices and dont look back".

I wish it was that simple.

Life has hit a rather rough speed bump. Its not a horrible speed bump, but it does bother me. To the point where I broke down and cried the other night and called my bro Ralphie. I sitting there crying for a few minutes and the whole time he was like "what's wrong?" "whats goin on with you man" and I was like "one minute...its... a little hard to talk and cry" LOL. Had a wonderful 3 hour conversation with him (sayin wonderful and conversation makes me feel old lol) and I felt so much better when I got off the phone. Putting into consideration a few things he said, mostly about God and stuff. Which surprises me, considering I'm not religious.

Life is all about speed bumps. Its all about walls that try to prevent you from going where you need to go. And really its up to you to sit there and wait for the wall to move or for you to move that mothafucker yourself.

And normally I'm the person who wont hesitate to push you the fuck back. So it disappoints me that I'm sitting here, waiting for some knight in shining armor to help me. Just because I put on make up does not mean I'm some bubble headed damsel in distress.

In other news, my mom loved her gift. I wrote her a letter and she wrote me back =). My OCD's been acting up again, I'm tryin to get things under control because if I dont, that shit will spread like wildfire and I'm not down for that all over again. I did so well containing it last year and ugh, whatever. Pushing back. I love my mama.

Me: Mama, my OCD's getting worse again...
Mama: Is that why you're shopping a lot again? Aw, its okay. Just relax, take it one day at a time.

I her.

I need to stop texting people while I'm half asleep, seriously. Oh and Joey's been asking to go play DDR with him the last few days... hm. Odd.

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