Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I forgot how delicious Capri Sun was...

Today was a good day! I was planning on waking up at 10AM and ended up forcing myself up before it hit 12PM. It's been so hard to get up the morning lately. Its kinda like what my friend says "no job makes you lazy, stay busy!!" its so true. When you're idle all the time, you get lazy! Back when I worked all the time, I was never lazy! I didnt have time to be lazy! I kinda miss that. Now I'm always tired, it sucks! Such a waste of time!

Anyway, was about to leave the house but remembered that I forgot Martin's stuff, so I went to grab it real quick and asked my mom for some money cause I wanted to go shopping. She was like "what are you gonna buy?" I didnt wanna say make up so I said clothes and she made a face lol. There was no good reason! Hahaha. She had a cute outfit she was wearing today though!

Went to get Martin and went to get gas. Then headed to the mall! Had lunch at this Korean BBQ place, I orginally had planned to get lunch there and he could get Subway next door, but he decided he wanted to share a bento box with me. So we got one =). It was good! Not as good as my favorite sushi place, but it was pretty damn good. And 10 Gyoza's for $5? How can you beat that?!

After lunch we went to go walk for a bit, spent some time at Borders. I got the Wonderful Wizard of Oz comic book for this month! I guess I didnt get it, and I almost missed it! That woulda been a bummer. I have all of them except for the first one. Lame haha. Went to Macy's, Martin was asking if I had to pee yet. I always have to pee after I eat and I kept saying no, but he was walking me to Macy's anyway lol, how cute. Went to Benefit to return some stuff and he decided to just go to the gym.

I returned my eyeshadow's from Benefit (I forgot my brush from BE that I wanted to return at home, darn!) and got it on a gift card. Headed over to MAC, then I had to use the bathroom LOL. I got some stuff from the MAC stand using my gift cards then went to the MAC store. The girl working was like "are you doing okay? You probably dont need any help, I know you come in here all the time, but I thought I should just ask" haha how cute!! I love that the workers at MAC remember me =). It kinda makes me feel special. I ended up getting a paint pot, I've been on a crazy paint pot spree lately. They didnt have any green pigments which were kinda a bummer cause I saw some at another MAC, and I wanted to pick one up, but my MAC doesnt have them! Oh, and I was surprised to see that the Style Warriors came out already! It's suppose to be out tomorrow, how weird. Nothing caught my eye.

Martin was done with the gym so we went to Fry's, I was looking for a laptop for my mom since she's been asking for one. And I found one with 4GiGs of RAM & 320 GiG hard drive for $600. Which I thought was good, since its less than both my laptop and my desktop and it has more RAM. I only have 3GiGs of RAM on my desktop, my laptop only has 2. So I figure with 4, she wont have to upgrade any time soon. I also got her a cute blue wireless mouse, since her favorite color is blue. And I got myself a Cookies & Creme candy bar and Gamer Grub haha. It sounds good! I'ma have to take a picture and show it later.

Headed home and to Wal Mart. Spotted some people we didnt want to see... Picked up the Maybelline duo in Sea Glass which I had my eye on, forever! And my favorite $.88 frozen dinners, some brownies (Little Debbie!) and a Lunchables Nachos Deluxe pack. Oh Wal Mart, you make it so hard to hate you!! Delicious $.88 frozen dinners? You know I'll keep coming back for more!

Grabbed some dinner at Jack in the Box and went home.

Just finished setting up my mom's email address, gotta set up her laptop after its done charging. Just got done watching the 2nd episode of 90210, I'm hooked!!!

Its barely midnight and my eyes are heavy and I feel fuzzy, what's going on?!

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