Saturday, May 30, 2009

Today wasnt interesting.

Today wasnt interesting. I woke up went to sleep at around 12:30AM this morning cause I was just so tired from forcing myself to wake up and I ended up waking up at 4AM to go pee, and ended up wide away for about an hour. Went back to bed and didnt get out of bed til noon. Totally what I was trying to avoid. Went pee again, and accidentally woke up my cat by opening my door since she was sleeping right next to my door. Sorry kitty!

Did laundry, updated my makeup blog and uploaded some videos. Oh and added some more reviews on yelp, pretty productive if you ask me! I didnt manage to take 15 minutes out of my day to read my book (cause I remembered then I forgot and now I just remembered again) and I didnt get to watch any tv shows (on itunes or DVD, as always) but I did mange to forget all about Facebook & Twitter which really didnt take much effort.

YESTERDAY however I was curious to see this Lush that's suppose to be in one of my favorite shopping centers that I swear wasnt there before! My boyfriend kept saying we passed it before but I think I woulda remembered! So we headed out there, had some California Pizza Kitchen for lunch, got our own pizza's. I got the BBQ Chicken and he got the BLT pizza which was amazingly delicious! It was like... having a BLT on flat bread. SO GOOD! Then we headed out to look for Lush, which was, in fact... there. BUT it wasnt where he thought it was so... I WIN! BOOYAH!

I got 2 soap samples =). Which was really sweet of the lady. I told her I wanted it cut down to $5, then changed my mind and wanted it cut down to $2, so she just gave it to me =). Got a sample of the Makeup Forever HD primer since I heard it was a good pore filler. Lets see about that! Went to Barns & Nobles real quick where he made up the "airplane". Martin makes up these weird things to do when I start getting grumpy to cheer me up. So he goes "lets go fly" and he picks me up and makes these engine sound effects and I'm giggling my ass off at this point and hes carry me around the store LOL. And he goes "please stay seated until the play comes to a complete stop!" so he puts me down and shakes me and makes these fucked up airplane landing sounds LOL!!! I totally felt better after that!

After that went to Wal Mart, we were both really sleepy at this point so we were acting all weird. I ended up getting 4 or 5 of my favorite $.88 tv dinners to prevent from coming back to Wal Mart so many times!! I also got 1 lunchables nachos, they didnt have the deluxe set, booooooo! I also got some ice cream bars and Valvetta with broccoli. They had ones with bacon (but it required a pot) that I hellaaa wanted. Martin knows I wont make it if I cant stick it in the microwave though so I didnt get to get it lol! NEXT TIME I WILL! That shit looked soo good. I'm a sucker for bacon and cheese! My favorite $.88 tv dinners are bacon and cheese on top of a meat patty. SO FUCKIN GOOD!

After that I convinced him to drive me to Target in Napa to look at some ELF stuff hehehe!! So he did. I got 2 things of 3 sets. One was a trio of eyeshadow creams, a trio of eye stuff (eyeliner, mascara and something else) and I got a pressed powder cause I was gonna order it but I took it out of my shopping cart. They dont have much to choose from, but at least if I need a back of the $1 stuff I can just go to Napa for it instead of waiting a few weeks for shipping. Too bad they dont have any brushes though!

After that, went home!

Oh and taught my mom how to log in and out of email, what a search bar was, what google was, and how to get on youtube. Filipino's and their youtube! She looked intruiged but confused at the same time lol.

I'm debating on if I should be a MARK rep.. =\

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Dana Yoshimizu said...

Omg there's a Target that carries e.l.f. products! Gah, I'm jealous!!

& when I was reading your whole waking up at 4:00am thing to go pee, me too!! LOL I did the EXACT same thing this morning. I woke up at 4 because I had to go so bad and had the planned on waking up at 10, but turned the alarm clock when it went off and slept until almost 12 >_<