Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I'm horrible at updating!

I'm online everyday and I'm on blogger, everyday but yet... I dont update!! What's up with that! Am I that lazy that pointing and clicking is about as far as I can go? I try to blog before midnight since I hate starting an entry with yesterday. Is it just me? It might be...

Anyway, what has been going on?

Sunday I watched UP in 3D with the boyfriend, he wanted to see it and he wanted to see it in 3D lol. I thought it was gonna be boring, but since I'm a huge Pixar fan, I watched it. OMG, first of all... saddest intro to a movie ever. I swear. I was about to start bawling in that packed movie theater at least three times! It was so cute, cause through the whole sad part, Martin would squeeze my hand. I know he wants to make sure I make it to Disney, and it melts my heart that he does. I'll get there, dont worry babe! After I think we went to Wal Mart cause I ran out of Broccoli Velveeta's, those things are delicious. I bought the last 3 haha. I hope they'll restock these cause OMG, delicious.

Monday which was yesterday duh. I'm all digging in my memory like what was Monday...? haha. We went to the mall, he went to the gym and I tried to go shopping, but I couldnt find anything I wanted. I know, insane. I bought everything I wanted at the mall already! I bought 3 MAC paint pots last week, I took another look at the Style Warriors and nothing screamed out to me, I forgot the brush from BE that I wanted to return, I have too many eyeliners/brushes/eyeshadow.... haha. Darn! I forgot to look for the book I wanted though. Lammmeeee! I did get some of the new Victoria Secret Beauty Rush dome eye shadows. Only because I had a free $10 gift card to spend. I bought 6 since it was 6/$15 and I got one free, so heyyy! And that was about it. The guy who works at the bakery I always eat at gave me a 15% off discount on my meal yesterday, weird. Buuuttt I'm not complaining! Ended up talking to Sammie for about an hour, which was nice. I was trying to buy her eyeliner but she was being difficult lol.

And today we went to get gyoza's cause I'm just way too addicted to them lol. Then we went to Target and I got SIMS3!! HELL YEAH!! FINALLY!! OMG. I bought the demo back in November when I went shopping with Joey. I ended up getting the collectors edition even though it was freakin $70. But I wanted the cool USB drive and the SimCard lol! Besides, I think I shoulda got it cause I am a Sims fan! I also got Hes Just Not That Into You cause I've been craving to watch it for a month. I was sad to see that Confessions of a Shopaholic wasnt out yet. I SO want to watch it! We also headed down to the military offices. I knew they werent booked! Hmm...

I also recorded like five videos today. I did my random's haul video and when I was putting everything away I forgot to mention my V.S and my Cherry Culture haul! ARGHHH! Dont you hate when that happens?! Ah, I'll save it for next, I guess! So I should be uploading some videos soon. Both my camera's died on me during video filming lol. I hate when that happens too. I keep forgetting that filming takes up more battery! Trying to think of what I want my site to look like, drawing out navigation and stuff like that... trying to figure out how to advertise my shop, which is really hard.

I dont see why I keep giving myself all these off the wall challenges and sit there like "I cant do this, I cant do this, there's no way I can do this" but yet I end up doing it. *sigh*. As a business major, I think being a MARK rep would be a very helpful experience. I just gotta think it through.

You miss 100% of the shots you dont take.

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