Thursday, June 18, 2009

Summer, and why I hate it.

So last night I was getting ready to take a shower. And sometimes, my mom has little baby spiders chillen next to the tub. No big deal. I either vacuum them or I spray them with air freshener and it usually kills them (cause they're that tiny). So I decide to vacuum the one I saw last night up. No big deal.

Well, I was running out of disinfectant and so I had to run out to the garage to get another one, it was around 12:45-ish AM? And I walked through a web. I didnt have the light on, so it kinda freaked me out but I figured oh well, whatever, I'm gonna shower soon anyway. So I spent a little bit of time with my dog and I was on my way back up the stairs when....

I saw something next to the bottom of the stair. And I figured oh a spider. But it was kinda... big. So I turned on the light. IT WAS A WOLF SPIDER. I inched a little closer, to get a better look and I totally FREAKED OUT. I called my dad to come kill it and so I was holding the flashlight on it while he tried to grab it with a tissue but it squeezed its way out and JUMPED ON HIS HAND. I started screaming and my dad (being Filipino) just smacked his lips and started chasing after it with the tissue. O-M-G. Freaking... OMG. Worst experience ever! HOW DID IT GET INTO MY HOUSE. That thing was HUGE and GROSS. But my dad got it and flushed it. Whew, thank goodness.

So I go take a shower and I'm walking out back to my room and I see another spider on the ceiling of the hallway headed towards my room, so of course... I woke my dad up and he smashed it.

Okay, I'm fine with seeing one spider a night. Whatever. But THREE SPIDERS IN A ROW WITHIN AN HOUR?! I dont know. That's called a bad night in my book!

And of course, when I wake up this morning. There's a spider on my wall.

Why good morning to you too spidey *sprays Raid* byebye.

I hate summer. Hate is a complete understatement for how I feel about summer. Seriously. This is insane.

And of course, when I see spiders/bugs I get into this crazy mode where I just want to clean my room/the whole house. UGH.

Besides that, I also hate summer because I dont deal well with hot days. And its hard for me to sleep then I wake up all sweaty. Gross.

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Dana Yoshimizu said...

Omg, I'm like totally squirming in my desk chair right now! =/ EWWW! I absolutely HATE spiders!!! >_<