Sunday, June 28, 2009


Last night I was putting the finishing touches on my domain/blog (for now) and I applied for two blog playing companies and... I got approved by both!!!! This was at like, 3AM lol. I was so excited I called Martin (who fell asleep an hour and a half earlier) and left a message on his voicemail. I never leave voicemail messages but I was just so excited! I'm gonna reapply for the first one I applied to that rejected me a few months back. Now all I have to do is wait for assigments. And open a new bank account for my paypal stuff, I dont really feel comfortable linking my paypal to my main bank account. Esp after my best friend told me her brother's paypal was hacked. I'm pretty excited about this!! I hope it works out.

Gawh, its extremely hot right now. I was able to escape it yesterday but not so much today... ughh. One of the things I the most about super hot days is that my makeup melts! Like my tinted moisturizer is now all... liquid-ish. If I shake it up, I can hear the liquid inside. Poo. I had to take my UDPP's and my NYX Jumbo Pencil's out of the room because they started to sweat/melt. My Paint Pots and Gel Liners are fine, so far. I should really tidy this room up, there's so much crap everywhere its not helping with the heat + crowded-ness. But I dont know where to put all this stuff!!

If I did a blog sale would anyone be interested? A lot of stuff I have is either never opened or swatched once. Let me know if I should do one or not!

My lower back and tail bone have been aching/needing to be cracked a lot lately, its probably because I've been sitting on my ass more days in a row than I'm use to since I'm still car-less. My dad told Martin it should be done by Monday so hopefully it is, I'm making Martin drive me to Pinkberry when it's fixed! Blaaaah!

Martin just left to go to his friends house today, which is fine, I'm sure he's boiling in his room. I'll probably end up applying to a few more paid blogging sites and get my June Favs up on at least the blog later. It's too hot to get prettied up and make a video right now. Ughhh. I have a bunch of favs this month, surprisingly! I might not post all of them so I have something for next month, in case I dont have any new items for next month lol. Is that cheating? Ehhh. I also gotta get some reviews up too!

Yeahhh. K, gonna get to work lol.

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