Monday, June 15, 2009


I know, I know. I suck at updating. I've been busy running around everywhere lately and getting all sorts of things worked out.

Last week the boyfriend & I got into a car accident, it wasnt anything major. It's gonna take 9 days to fix my car though. But we're both fine. Of course, as you know, all the hassle that comes with a car accident and just how irritating it all is. So we've been busy with that.

Also getting paper work for my boyfriend done, all over the Bay Area.

We went to Oakland to get some papers and he took me to all of the places he grew up. And it was... nice. To finally have an image to attach to the stories he told me. He brought me to his old school where his childhood best friend Chris tried to teach him how to back flips and I know he was reminiscing, it was kind of heartbreaking. He found out his friend passed away a few months ago, so yeah. He also brought me to a library he use to go to all the time (and we saw this 8 year old log on to his MySpace seriously?!), he took me to this center that had a basketball court and he took me to the sidewalk where he sat when he snapped his arm in half. It was nice, and itwasnt as bad as I thought it would be. He also took me to his old (haunted) house.

I personally hate doing paper work. I hate running around getting paper work, things signed, I just hate doing anything like this. And he pulled me close and was like "I know you hate doing this kind of stuff but Icouldnt do this without you, you're my happiness". And that, is what makes all this irritation worth it.

After that we had lunch in Emeryville since there's no malls or anything in Oakland. And had a nice little talk. It's nice that we're each other's best friend's and that we talk about things that best friends usually talk about. We've been together for five years but we can still talk and joke around for hours. We stopped by Lush for literally a minute. Then we headed to his little sisters graduation!! I cant believe she's already graduating high school! When I met her, she was 13! Insane.

A bunch more of paper work and paying bills last week... I also finally got my MAC Violet pigment! I'm in love with that pigment! I seriously need to cool it on the spending, then again I say that... all the time and never do it. *sigh*.

Yesterday was relaxing. We went to Concord because we found out there's a Quickly's there! We're in Concord all the time but never knew there was a Quickly's! Now we dont have to drive to South SF! After that, we went to the mall really quick, since they were gonna close in an hour and a half anyway. Then headed back home and we cleaned out the car since my dad's gonna take it to the shop soon.

Martin stayed over for awhile and had me eat dinner with him and we watched tv. Then we watched My Best Friend's Wedding since I keep hearing about it but I've never seen it. It was a pretty... good movie. I mean, it had good points lol. After that, spent some time with my cat & dog. My mom thinks my cat's sick, but they dont take them to the hospital and so I was playing with my cat and she hissed at me!! What the heck! Meanie. My dog is my baby, I love him to bits!

Martin came out to get me and we watched more tv, cause he wanted to watch tv with me and I was like "aww did you put it on The Food Network for me??" and he was like "yeaaa I was waiting for you! But you took too long!" awwww. And we ate some more before he left.

I loves him!

Dont you hate when people tell you dumbass information about things you dont care about but when you respond they give you the dumbest response? Its like, why did you even bother telling me YOUR stupid info in the first place? Like I care? Wtf. UGH, whatever.

Oh! I made an order on NYX cause they have these new palettes out that are on their pre-sale sale for $4.50 and when they put them on the site, they'll be going for $9 so I bought a few. And I had told Martin and he goes...

"Baby.... are you buying things?!"

Right when I hit "submit" LMFAO, how does he ALWAYS know!!! What is going on!!!! Kinda creepy and kinda funny LOL.

Also MAC is having their sale tomorrow! I've already made a list so I'm not panicking through out the time I make my order =D. I'm excited.

I know, I know, I need to stop shopping!

I've got some new idea's and some changes going on with my youtube channel and my beauty blog. So I'm a bit excited about that!


.maitai said...

Oh wow :S I'm glad you're both okay. And it's great that you two are best friends as well and can talk and joke around so easily. :) I'm the same with my boyfriend. I've only known him for like 2 years, but it's been an amazing 2 years :)

.maitai said...

Oh man, that sucks :S I like vodka, but I like all my drinks reeeaally smooth, so I pretty much just drink daiquiris, pina coladas and all those other yummy fruity drinks. :D

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