Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Changed the layout.

I changed the layout on this blog to a layout I had on my Xanga a few years back LOL. Its suppose to be Mary Had A Little Lamb. It's kinda cute, dont you think? =]

I also changed the layout to the beauty blog. I was tired of the default-ness of it all. I dont usually like using pre-made templates but I've been so out of touch with graphic design and coding that this will have to do until I get off my lazy ass and make something! I mean, I have the layout idea's in mind and I have everything I need to make the layouts... its just... making them then coding them that I have a problem with, right now lol. But I'll get to it eventually!

I tried adding AdSense to the beauty blog yesterday and it just wasnt working with me! I dont know what I was doing wrong... argh. Whatevs!

Dont you guys hate when people dont talk to you for five years then suddenly pop out of the blue and ask you to come over to see their business presentation for a pyramid scheme they just joined? Yeah, me too lol. Seriously, its so annoying because he has even replied to any of my messages, comments or even returned any of my phone calls for five years and now he expects me to go to some business meeting at his house? Uh, I dont think so! And so when I tell him that I'm car-less because I just got into an accident he replies with "I can pick you up if you'd like". Wow, thanks for asking me if I'm okay. Totally know where your head's at. I'm so tired of people using their friends for their "business". And please, if I say no twice, what in your right mind makes you think the third time you ask I'll say yes? Seriously? Get a clueeeeee!

Martin's been studying for his ASVAB all week. Hes going to be taking an extra week to study, which I dont mind. I'd rather he get the score he's aiming for on the first try then have to retake it and wait another 30 days. If he does end up in the field he wants to be in, his Tech School will be in Mississippi and I'm a little bummed out about it. All the other schools are in TX and CA, but his just had to be in Mississippi! Of course. Why did I assume it wouldnt be. Ugh. He wanted me to move there for a few months, but it would be a waste since people are telling me that he wont get much time to leave the base in the first place. So I think I'll just visit once or twice a month. Flying by myself is such a scary thought though. Plus its a 3 hour flight, landing is probably the most hardest thing for me to do, my ears literally feel like they're bleeding if I dont put my ear plugs on right. Even an hour flight can be painful. How much more for a three hour flight?! I should probably get my ears checked some time soon, and flush them again as well... they're getting saucy LOL.

Martin was talking about how he might get me a my MacBook Pro for Christmas and how he's gonna get me a gift every six months. But out of that all I heard was: MacBook. Christmas. He thought it was funny that I was more excited about that than getting a gift every six months. Eye on the prize! Haha!

A few things I want to do this summer before he leaves:
  • Monteray Aquarium
  • Santa Cruz
  • Pixar
That's about it haha. Hopefully he leaves for Basic after Sept 12th too, cause we're suppose to be watching Wicked around then. I'd hate for him to wait til November to go to Basic. We'll see though...


Dana Yoshimizu said...

I like the layouts on both blogs :0

& just curious, on your list of things to do, where's Pixar?

Anonymous said...

aww how cute!! Yeah I was wondering the same thing as Dana...I wanna know so I can check it out if I'm ever in that area :P

Oops! Sorry for the scare! (>.<)

Krystal ( just commented me saying that there's a code CAROLINA for 50% off all ELF products!...but I haven't tried it yet so I dunno if it works or not. Have you heard of it?

Anonymous said...

OoOo and yeah I was looking at ELF's mineral eyeshadow primer...that's definitely on my "next to buy" list! >_<

Anonymous said...

Yaay! The feed url for your other blog worked! >_< Wow 20 minutes away? That's awesome! I'd go there all the time just to snoop around the place as much as I could. haha. That'd be fun if you could go inside though.

Lol you can use the code more than once?! OMG! I have to go to ELF now. lol :P

Anonymous said...

Heeey, I've got an award for you... :)