Friday, June 5, 2009

Pandora Radio.

Martin's been buggin me about checkin out Pandora Radio. So I made a station with Linkin Park and they were playin my jams. Not just LP, but Switchfoot, Nickleback, ect. It was hot! So I made another station with Donell Jones and I'm just slowinnnn it down up in here. So fuckin relaxing!! I love Donell Jones! He got that kinda voice you just take a candle lit bubble bath to, ya dig?

Okay okay, this site is the shit. I love the sound quality on it. Its CD quality, they play songs within the genre of the singer/song you pick. Its pretty spiffy.

Period's make me sleepy, Its only 1AM and I'm ready to knock out!

I was on Twitter watchin Bow Wow & Soulja Boy on blogtv... watchin Tila's grind video hahaha. It was hella funny, nice to know celeb's are people just like us too. Esp Bow Wow, I've been a fan of his since Bounce With Me. Haha!

So I went shopping with the bestie yesterday. Gooooooooodness! Did some damage at Target, not as much as I usually do, so I was happy about that. But then she took me to CCO. Oh goodness, I fell in love. I didnt know the CCO closer to my house (AHHH THEY PLAYIN NE-YO!) was bigger than the one away from my house!! And they had SO MUCH MORE selection! I went nuts! I was all over the place. I was so so so happy to find MAC Claire de Lune eyeshadow!! Hello, Twilight anyone? LOL. They also had some FLIRT! And some Grass Roots (huge Kohls fan too). So that was a nice surprise.

I had fun with the bestie. She's leavin for the P.I. I'm gonna miss her!! Who am I gonna talk to for the next three weeks?!

So much shit to do today... busy week too. Ahh! Sa'll good though. Gonna finally cop me a Dyno shirt tomorrow. Cause its about time!

Still waitin on my MARK rep kit and my MARK haul, hopefully it'll get here tomorrow. I'm super excited for it. Gotta make a few more videos (even though I havent even uploaded the ones I already have). My blog and youtube arent synced, which gets confusing after awhile... bah!

Still gotta make the layout for the makeup site. Yeah, about that... and still gotta code the layout for the other site... yeah... about that too... haha I'm slackin, I know! But I aint been home and I had a phatty headache yesterday. So.... blaaah!

I'll jump on it though!

I just called AE to see if I could pay my credit card at the store and the operator was like "no there isnt any additional payment method Ms. Aba... Hazel" I giggled. She was obviously tired, she kept correcting herself. I hope I made her night a little better.

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