Friday, June 26, 2009

WordPress hates me.

Been working on the domain/WordPress all day. Trying to redirect the direction its going in, pretty excited. Would be more excited if I knew how WordPress worked!!

I'm not new to HTML, I've coded a website before. I've coded LiveJournal and Xanga before. But its other blogging sites I just started using (this year) like Blogger and WordPress that I'm having trouble with. Of course, since its still all so new to me. But I feel like I'm too old to get back into doing this stuff. Does that make sense? How do you get too old to web design?!

I guess it's just because when I got SUPER into it, it was around the time of Asian Avenue and Apt107 (which I'm pissed they took down cause it took me FOREVER to code my page), when flash was still new and when AOL allowed HTML in their member profiles. Now its all about CSS, XHTML (wtf is XHTML?!), widgets, and all other sorts of unheard of things! I've been ON the internet the last five years, but I havent been ON web designing. Kinda odd, if you think about it. But then again I was sucked in by MySpace and FaceBook for all those years.

SOCiAL NETWORKS ARE EViL! I'm starting to really hate them. It takes me two hours to read though all of my FaceBook and Twitter updates. Two hours. Out of my life. To read about other peoples lives. Worth it? No, not really. There are two types of people that annoy me on the whole status thing: the ones that update every single second going to the bathroom. taking a shower. at a stop light. dog crossed the street. lady crossed the street. at Target. and then theres the ones that flood your feeds with what club they're going to/promoting/doing their "photography" at/hosting/ect. I'm seriously considering suspending my FaceBook account. Besides, its a social networking site without the networking. No one really gives a shit about what you're promoting. No one really cares about what you're doing on a social networking site. In my personal opinion, I think people care more about what you're doing when it comes to blogging than a social networking site because when you sub to a blog, its what you expect where as on a social networking site... you're really just adding friends/people you know. I would say "to keep in touch" but people hardly do that either. Friendster was cool when it first came out, people actually kept in touch, but now... people kinda just dont.

I got my "best of" Sephora thing today. I got the eyes set because I wanted the Stila Smudge Pot but I didnt wanna spend the money for a full sized version of it lol. I also got a mini Too Faced Shadow Insurance with it. I have the full size, but I dont think I want it. I'm stuck between using UDPP and ELF Studio and Mineral primers. I really kinda dont have any interest in the TFSI. But we'll see.

I have a makeup remover review I'm suppose to be doing, but I've been home all week due to not having car, meaning I have no reason to dress up, meaning I havent made a video. Well I made one yesterday about getting my DSK jewelry but just to test out my dad's webcam, which is pretty freakin good. I'm jealous, my laptop doesnt have a webcam. That's what I get for being too excited to get one though. Blaaah.

I want my car back now, I missed free Pinkberry tonight since my car's still in the shop. Boooo =(.

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Dana Yoshimizu said...

I had frozen yogurt today! :) Sorry, now I feeel like I'm rubbing it in your face, but I'm totally not. I'm just telling you so that you know that I love frozen yogurt just as much as you :D

& I totally agree with the whole social networking thing too. That's why I don't have a Twitter