Monday, June 29, 2009

Yankee Candle: Rice Milk.

I was making food earlier and I noticed a white square candle in a square glass jar. I was thinking to myself hmm, that looks a lot like my Rice Milk candle… I started trying to remember if I had seen it where I last placed it. I remember my mom had cleaned that area of the house and I didnt remember seeing it there. I tried not to freak out, I mean… what are the odds that she took out my brand new still in the box candle, right? Considering there were MANY more candles laying around the house that should could have used. Besides, it looks like any other normal candle.

I finished makin my food and went about my day. By the time I went to make dinner, I was extremely curious to find out if it was my candle. So I walked over there and flipped it upside down. Rice Milk. And it was 1/4th burned down. Now I dont think I bought her the glass jar one, I know I bought her one before, but I believe it was the pillar and she finished that one. I took it back upstairs with me and texted her.

Me: The white square candle on the fireplace, did you get it from dad’s room?
Mom: Yes.

*insert face of rage here*. WHY of ALL other candles in the entire HOUSE would she use THAT one? WHY WHY WHY!!!

Most of you must be thinking whats the big deal, its just a candle. UH NO! Its not just a candle!!


I have a huge obsession with candles. In 2006, I started working at Linens N Things. One of the things that caught my eye was the Yankee Candle Rice Milk candle and I had my eye on it for a lonnnng time while I was working there. The pillar went on sale, so I bought it for my mom and a week later, I bought the jar. A week after that, they were discontinuing the entire line and I didnt have enough money to buy more, plus they sold out quick. So the only one I have, is the jar which is now 1/4th burned down. I tried searching for back ups a few months ago and came up with nothing but tarts on ebay that were out of stock.

And that’s why I’m bummed out about this!


.maitai said...

Oh man :( That sucks :( Hopefully you'll be able to find one one day :S

.maitai said...

Wow really? They irritated you? :( That sucks! It really works well for me, but then again not many products affect me negatively. :S What do you use as a makeup remover?

Denise said...


about candles, my friend before she moved to japan, and i were on a candle business. And seeing this post, i miss it.

Dana Yoshimizu said...

I bought the Pixar books from Amazon. They're normally $40, but I got them for less than $30

Rena said...

We share the same dilemma. I always buy things that are clearly supposed to be used, but hate using them because I want to keep it FOREVER. :) I feel your pain.