Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Yesterday was Phil's day in Frisko. The meet up was at 5PM at Pier 39 by the seal's. Why by the seal's? No idea.

So we headed to Frisko a little late cause I suck at waking up early. But we had lunch and I had a loaded potato and Martin had Rubio's. Got to look around the mall for a bit then Martin wanted to walk to Pier 39. So we walked. From Metreon to Pier 39. It went by pretty fast, I mean we always walk from Pier 1 to Metreon. Or Pier 1 to 39 or down to the beach but from Metreon to 39? Not so much. AND 5 F line's passed us! Lame! I got to go in T-Mobile cause I wanna upgrade my SideKick08 to the new SideKickLX09 since it plays youtube and its on a faster connection. A WAY faster connection. I got to play with one and it's pretty freakin sweet. Its a little bit bigger than my cute SideKick08 but the faster connection is SO sweet! It would be $114 for me to upgrade, and $114 for my next 3 billing cycles. Which is coo but still kinda sucks... ugh.

We got to the seal's with 15 minutes to spare. Hung around some people with a guy who had a big sign saying "DeFranco Nation". Then Phil finally shows up!!!!! For those of you who dont know who Philip DeFranco is, he's sxephil on youtube. He usually covers the news on his "show". I've been watching his channel for two years, and at one point the only reason why I still even went on youtube was to watch his show. So it was pretty exciting for me to meet him!

I'm sad I didnt get a picture with him cause as you can see, there was a BUNCH of people there and EVERYONE kept SWARMING him! I finally got in front of him and about five people just stood in front of me. It was so fuckin annoying!!! The crowd finally started to die down and they decided to go eat at some random restaurant and I was so annoyed by then I decided to just leave. We were in that new Players grill that use to be RTA... and Martin saw that the DDR machine had a free game on it and it turned out to be a doubles game so we both played, just since it was free. After the first song, Martin goes "look behind you" and I look behind me and Phil was watching us play!! I kinda hope it isnt but is in his video for yesterday. But yeah.... after that we left. I wanted to get a pic with him, but it was just impossible!

We had dinner at Wipe Out and a nice lonnng talk. I love long nice talks over dinner with him! Then we went home, hella tired and shit.

HOPPER: yay i got tiger wood with wii motion plus!!
OPPER: but i'm at work so i can't play it =(
siin: ?
HOPPER: nm lol

Why do people do that? Seriously. Why are you going to gloat about a game I know nothing about nor do I even care about and when I clearly state I dont know what it is, you go "nm" seriously. And when YOU say something all they say is "uh ok" like damn, can you make it ANY more OBVIOUS you dont care about what other people say? FUCKIN IRRITATING. People really need to quit. Talking. Seriously.

Today we gotta get some paper work done, according to Martin's file he's 7. I dont know how the fuck that happened, but its such a hassle to fix. UGH.

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