Thursday, June 25, 2009

Another lazy day...

Love came over today.

We had Pizza Hut pasta for lunch and watched Confessions of a Shopaholic. He kept pointing out that that's me. Which I unfortunately, cant disagree with LOL. It was a cute and semi inspiring movie. After that we watched Fever Pitch and Cradle to the Grave and some Rocky movie.

Caught the news on Twitter about Michael Jackson. A friend of mine sent a test forward about his death, in a mocking way. I dont understand why people are being bitches about his death. MICHAEL JACKSON JUST DIED, show some respect! I personally am shocked at this news, I have a few favorite MJ songs. One of my lifetime favorite songs is "Butterflies", I LOVE that song! I play it all the time still.

I dont think I should even bother mentioning how much of a jerk Perez Hilton is right now, yeah. I wont. But I will mention that hes a disgrace to the gay community. Gay guys like him are the reason why people hate gays.

I've been really bad at remembering things lately, its been really irritating. Like I'll open a new browser window and totally forget why. Frustrating! Also, when I log into blogger on Mozilla, it doesnt log me in so when I leave comments on some peoples blogs, I cant cause I'm "not logged in" but it works fine on IE, and it worked fine on my dad's laptop. Maybe I just need to update my Mozilla. Even though I hate updating (and installing) things.

Ugh, I'm hungry again.

I need to quit being so damn lazy. Blah!

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