Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Oh, life.

Yesterday was pretty relaxing. Started the day off with a kids meal from Panera Bread lol. And ended up going to Walnut Creek since it was so nice and sunny outside. Walked around downtown. I got a free Sephora insides gift of something I wanted a full size of. I also got some Mike & Ike Cotton Candy from World Market. I'm excited to try that out! Also snacked on some Clam Chowder, as usual. I was on my sidekick and I was like "why does my sidekick smell like mint...?" and sniffing it. Martin looked at me like I was stupid and he was like "its not your sidekick, its your wrists... babe" cause I had put on Origins On The Spot on my wrists (I have an addiction to that!) and so I smelled my wrist and I was like "oooh you're right! I keep forgetting. Its like a nice surprise every five minutes" hahah.

Then we realized that the bills still needed to be paid lol. So we headed back to Concord and paid the Verizon bill which was lower than last month, weird. Then paid Martin's Sprint bill and I got 2 pigment samples from MAC (Golden Lemon -- which I've been thinking about buying & Pink Bronze -- havent seen this one yet), the MA remembered me and brought be back to see their Style Warriors collection display. Oh! The colors!! I decided to skip this collection, but I cant wait to check it out in person when it comes out! I went back to PacSun to see if they had any more of my flannel's left, and they didnt. Bummer, so I went to Tilly's and got one of theirs instead. I was looking for a quarter sleeve type. Then we ended the day at Borders reading graphic design books =).

Today's suppose to be a busy day, I gotta get a bunch of stuff (I havent started) done. Video editing, picture editing, a bunch of cleaning... my OCD is kicking in major today though, cant seem to figure out why. Its such a pretty day, all I keep thinking about is how much I wanna be outside right now! But I do have to get some stuff done... plus I mean, there's always tomorrow!

I've been trying to get back into the habit of blogging more often but I always remember after it hits midnight lol. I blame Twitter and Facebook, its so addicting!

A friend of mine mentioned "Addicted" by Stevie Hoang. I cant stop playing it! I'm a sucker for songs like these, which probably isnt the best thing lol.

Is it just me or does anyone else get lazy right before you have to take the laundry out of the dryer? I always hate that part!

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