Wednesday, July 22, 2009

SJ with boo!

Yesterday me and Martin went to SJ since I had to pick up my new Sony Webbie HD Camcorder from Sony Style! I’ve been debating between this or a Flip Mino HD and I know the Webbie had some pretty bad reviews but I mean… it works for what I want it for and it doesnt cost as much as the Flip Mino HD (actually + tax and warranty it cost about the same lol but still, I wanted a camcorder style and not a hand held style).

We stopped by Hello Desserts, I was attracted to the cute name and menu but sadly, I was disappointed with the place. They didnt have as much on the menu as it seemed like online. I did get the Mai Thai and it was pretty good. Their Mango Gelato was really good. And their Passion Fruit Gelato was super sour, yum! Martin decided to get Yogurt Twist next door. $.30/ounce for Frozen Yogurt? He was sold. He packed his cup and spent $3. $2 less than my smaller dessert. Yah yah, whatever lol. Yogurt Twist offered a bunch of flavors and toppings and of course, you cant beat the price. We settled for Yellow Cake Batter & Strawberry (he made me pick a flavor even though this was “his place”, meanie) topped with strawberries, mochi and whole lychee (my favorite!!). Mixed up all together it was really really good. But in the end, Martin didnt share my love for whole lychee =(.

We walked around the plaza, since it was placed in a Ranch 99 plaza, which was pretty cool. And after that we headed to a bead shop.

I’ve been obsessed with hunting down bead shops. The bead shop looked really tiny outside, but once you got in OMG it was huge. It was huge and filled with colorful sparkly beads! I spent about fourty five minutes looking at everything. They had a huge huge huge selection of pretty toggles! I love toggles! But sadly they didnt have what I was looking for and they didnt have a large selection of Swarovski crystals either. And of course every time something catches my eye Martin always says “we’re not looking for that” which is the nice way of “I know you like it, but really put it back down” lol. Next to the bead store was a small pet shop that had a huge shark in a huge tank in the middle of store! It was kinda creepy. They had cute hamsters, fat furry mice, guinea pigs, adorable rats… oh my! I’ve had my heart set on getting a new fur baby, but I’m banned from buying any more hamsters. Poop.

After that went to Valley Fair Mall. We skipped Pinkberry this time since I was super full of Gelato and Fro Yo already. Walked around, got my free Godiva chocolate (Strawberry Shortcake, holler!), Martin made me drink my second cup of water after we had snacked on some clam chowder (my first glass was after eating fro yo). Gawh, that was a struggle. Am I the only person in the world who gag’s when they drink too much cold water? Probably. I find water disgusting. UGH. Headed over to Sony Style and I got my purple Sony Webbie HD Camcorder! I was super excited. The two ladies who helped us were super sweet and they even priced matched it to make it cheaper! After that, I was done there. I didnt even bother walking into MAC, Sephora or Lush. I know, surprising right?! I found out today though that they opened a new cupcake shop there, and I missed it. Darn. Next time!

Headed to Great Mall cause I wanted to check Kohls for a shirt I saw online that I wanted to wear to my cousins wedding, but of course… they didnt have it. Or the Alice shirt I wanted. I couldnt decide if I wanted Coconut Grove or Jollibee for dinner, so we walked around the Food Court. I had my eye on Arby’s since I’ve never had Arby’s but ended up eating Ruby Thai. They were too nice with the samples and their Mango Chicken (which didnt taste like Mango at all, but was really sweet and tender) was delicious. So we got that. We’re trying to stay away from soda’s lately so I went to sit and Martin went to get lemonade from Hot Dog On A Stick.

So he goes and comes back and tell’s me that while he was in line some girl came up to him and started talking to him about his nails. Then she goes “so, whats your name?” Martin gets hit on, all the time. He gets hit on the most when his hair is fluffy and messed up and when I send him to do something random. So eventually he walked off and when he came back, he was like “OMG SHE KEEPS LOOKING OVER HERE” dude, I wonder why. I told him he should wave to her, but he didnt. Lame. The conversations people strike with him are odd. The girl who hit on him before yesterday asked him for a lighter and when he said he didnt smoke she responded with “well you wanna chill with me outside while I smoke?” unaware he absolutely hate people who smoke. And the chick before that asked him for his cell phone and called herself with it then started sending him mass text messages with “Hi Thomas!” cause she really thought his name was Thomas. Which was funny cause every time he got a text he’d scream at his phone “OMG STOP TEXTING ME” hahaha! I dont mind if people hit on him. People dont know him like I do, and trust me, after about 2 hours with him you wont think hes so hot anymore lol!

This morning I got up at 7AM cause I had to pee and I was still really sleepy… and somehow I knocked over half the things on my night stand and all I hear is all my stuff fall behind me and… shatter. So I look and my favorite glass container is shattered… all over my bed room floor! I went back to bed and decided to clean it up later. Ugh, I’m so sad =(.


Rai said...

lol. Did I ever tell you that my boyfriend's name is Martin, too!

Girls can be sooo silly at times. haha!

Dana Yoshimizu said...

It's good that it doesn't bother you that girls hit on him, he's lucky to have such a secure girlfriend.

& omg it seems like you two did a lot of things.

But *sadface* for the broken container on your night stand :(

Anonymous said...

OoOo new camcorder! I wanna get a new one too...mine is like 7 years old :S lol. oh gosh...some girls are too funny. haha.

aww that sucks about your glass container! :(

leslielovesmakeup said...

your new layout is so cute! i understand how you feel about not wanting any kids. it is your body and only you can say yes to what you do with it.