Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Busy :(

I suck. I've been trying my best to update my blogs and send off packages and all this other stuff and there just arent enough hours in a day or days in a week to get everything I want to get done, done!

Tried to get classes this semester, which was hard because 1) ALL the classes filled up within 8 hours of the sign ups opening... which is crazy, I've never experienced that before 2) people were circling around the overflow parking lot like it was one of the main 4 parking lots my school has... which means... no parking, not much hope in getting a class 3) the teachers decided this semester they're going to give priority to their previous students. Wonderful. The 23 out of the 26 of us who WERENT a previous student didnt have a shot at the 3 slots open for late add. Wonderful. So yes, this semester pretty much sucks.

On the upside, I have a PE class that I've taken for the last 4yrs. No need to spend extra money on books! And it'll get me semi ready for my PT training.

Other than that, been trying to find a job, trying to find time to change my last name since we FINALLY got our marriage license, trying to figure out what to do about our bills (why do men make stupid decisions without thinking first?!), been trying not to start screaming and bashing my head against the wall (that sounds like it would be a GREAT way to get rid of this stress, except for, I'll probably end up with a HUGE headache) and since the weather is nicer now, husband is going to start prepping me for the Air Force.

Yes, I'm joining the military.

And the first thing that popped into my head? Who's going to maintain my emails and blogs?! Of course, my husband being the loving amazing person he is (when hes not being lazy), offered.

Why am I joining the military? Well for one, I was suppose to join after high school (to the Army) but my mom made a big deal about it for some reason and wouldnt let it go, so I ended up not going. And I kinda regret it, I think I shoulda had just gone anyway. So, I've always wanted to go. Besides, I think it'll be good for me. Like I told my husband, its like throwing a princess into the military, I need to un-princess myself. And I think if I get through this, I'll believe in myself more. I'll be so proud of myself for once. My life will be much more organized and I wont feel like I'm doing nothing in life. I think it'll be a GREAT learning experience for me. And an exciting journey.

I'm part of the 3% of Americans that suffer from full blown OCD, and I'd also love to be part of the 3% of Americans that arent afraid to join the military. Wouldnt that be wonderful? To be part of two different statistics completely opposite of each other?

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