Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I got my Palm Pixi!!!

YES! Husband finally gave in yesterday before class and I got my adorable Palm Pixi and we switched phone providers! He got himself an HTC Hero, which is pretty awesome. It has A LOT more apps than the Pixi does. I'm so excited! We can watch TV, download apps, steam Pandora and a bunch of other stuff on our phones. Yayyy!

I'm going to mourn the Wicked today for the 4th time, I'm pretty excited. I always get excited when I see Wicked haha! It's Eddy & Patty's last week so I'm hoping to be able to chit chat with Eddy for a bit and grab a picture with him before he leaves us!

I'm planning to redo all my blogger layouts and get a domain up for my beauty blog sometime soon, I just havent really had time to do anything lately. Even with classes only 2 days a week, I feel like I dont have any time since most things we have to do, are closed on the weekends, booo!

Alright, time to get ready, I wanna grab some $1 oatmeal at Jamba Juice today :)

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Zanah said...

Love your new phone... I need one myself eventually :) Mon Mode Blog