Monday, February 8, 2010

Valentines Day.

Valentines Day is coming up. And its one of my favorite holidays and I wish I had time to get into the holiday spirit, but considering our debt and our bills, its hardly anything I'm excited about. We're thinking of ways to resolve this debt situation which sucks big time, but it is our fault for putting ourselves in this situation. I need to realize that the things I do to hurt other people end up just hurting myself in the end.

But just because we dont have much money this Valentines Day doesnt mean it has to be a shitty one, right? Our first Valentines Day together, I wasnt expecting anything at all. I never had a Valentine before my husband (17 and never had a Valentine? How sad. My boyfriend's always broke up with me before holidays, jerks). I was surprised when we got to my house and he had a stuffed animal, a huge box of chocolates and a card for me! I had only gotten him a card and the Queen of the Damned CD (because I broke his on accident... it was in his pocket and I sat on his lap. Srsly who keeps their CD's in their pockets?! Anyway, that CD was later stolen by his older brother. Ugh). And we cooked dinner together (Hamburger Helper)! We were broke high school students.

So why cant things be like that now? Just because now I'm 24 and not 17 doesnt mean that he has to go all out and buy me Tiffany & Co (or in my case, Wicked tickets) or anything flashy and pricey. We're still together, we're still so much in love, we still care about each other and we're not married. Shouldnt just being together be enough? I dont know where I got this crazy idea that now that we're older it should be more "grown up".

Truth is, if he got me nothing at all, I dont think I would mind. I just want to spend the day with him. Curled up on the couch watching Food Network like we do all the time. I just want tight hugs and forehead kisses.

Though, some Ferro Rocher wouldnt hurt :)

I dont know what our plans are for this year, maybe the usual. Todai for lunch and just being together after. Or maybe skipping Todai, not sure yet. But I do know I have to go grab a gift for mom and dad and husband before everything is sold out! I didnt realize Valentines Day was coming so fast already!

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