Saturday, October 9, 2010

Allergies.... in Autumn?!

The seasons are changing and with that come.... allergies and a slight cold. Wait for it... I know it's coming! I'm super excited for the turn of the season, this is my favorite time of the year! Husband let me take a little trip to Sephora a few days ago to pick up a Philosophy bath set (that smells delicious) that I've been begging for (I even made up a song so he wouldn't forget)! I was going to grab a lippie set too, but I figured I didn't need it. I love Philosophy's lippies but I never seem to finish them. I finished one. They were putting out the Christmas gift sets already and I'm super excited about those!

I know, I've been MIA for a long period of time. A lot has happened and a lot has changed since I was last here. I'm not annoucing anything until the date comes closer :) but it's incredibly exciting news! And I'm very excited for it! I'm going to be doing a huge blog sale soon because I realize I have a ton of products that I haven't even touched since I got it. Insane. I'm trying to inch my way back into reviewing makeup but husband doesn't think it's a good idea (of course lol). But I am having a blast with my book blog :).

I got a new camera! The Canon PowerShot S90! I'm excited about it. It's a point and shoot that acts like a dSLR, at least, that's what I hear and see with the pictures on Flickr. I'm excited to test it out! I decided against the upgrade, the S95 because it didn't seem like much of an upgrade and for $60 extra, I could do without it's upgrades. 

What else? This post is getting much too long. I need to get my blogs much more organized!

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Diana said...

I have the S90 too! It's great for landscape pictures but I've noticed a bit of distortion when taking pictures of people since it's a wide angle lense. Nonetheless, it's still great. No need to lug around a huge dslr!

Btw, love your layout!