Friday, September 4, 2009

Getting my hair done...

Every time I get my hair done I always have to get it re-done because it
somehow ends up messed up. Blah. Being under the heater makes me sleepy.
Martin's 10 feet away from me playing his new PSP game. I'm glad he
remembered his PSP or he woulda been bored lol.

Blogging on a sidekick is a bit hard. My thumbs already ache!! Haha
crazy. I think my hair dressers trying to fry my hair. I've been under
here for half an hour already!

Gotta make a few stops for some jewelry supplies today. Have a few
requests to fill. Hopefully I find what I'm looking for.

Read a sad email Martin wrote me last year to try to pass time... I
forgot how sad it was. On the verge of crying at the hair salon isn't
the best idea lol. There are people here!! I hate when my friends just
assume Martin & I just always get along. Cause at one point we didn't.
At one point our relationship was beyond horrible and I just hate when
people assume we're effortless. Things honestly weren't fixed til the
beginning of this year. And we've been together for 5 years. So there
was a lot of learning going on. *sigh*.

In happier news.....! We picked up my ring today! They got it down to a
3! It fits perfect. And its really pretty! But he won't let me have it
til he proposes. Lameee haha. I can't wait for my official one (this one
is a temp. I don't get my official one til next month after he

Its kinda crazy to think we're really getting married!! And kinda scary!
The time is passing too fast! But I love my boo bear & I wouldn't trade
him or any of our fucked up struggles for anything.
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1 comment:

Tina said...

Ohh ! Take pics !

& That is good you two are getting better.

It's really good hearing relationships going well.

It's a beautiful thing to me. <3

Well have fun and try not to get too fried. That would suck. Make sure to condition a lot and stuff.


(Wonders what your hair looks like in natural black?) lol