Monday, September 7, 2009


I think I got the previous problem fixed. I scanned my PC two more nights in a row and now everything should be good. I finally got around to updating my food blog, I'm so sad I've been neglecting it. I need to update my Flickr and my domain too. Keeping up with too many blogs is such a hassle. But so much fun at the same time.

I need to back up my files too, thinking about reformatting my entire PC, its been a year since I've had it and I figure I might as well before it beats me to it and crashes, right? Cause no one likes it when their PC's crash... its just that... all my video games!! Like FFXI, Asda Story, Runes of Magic, Luna... I dont wanna re-downloading them all over again and have to go through the updates. Especially FFXI, their update is freakin 14hrs long. I hate dealing with that stupid update! But I figure I should reformat this thing soon.

Its starting to feel more like fall, but the heat is still... going strong. I can not wait until it starts to get much cooler around here! Trying to sell off a bunch of makeup/stuff since I'm moving next year and I obviously cant bring my whole room with me. It's just hard parting with things. I'm one of those people that even if it has slight sentimental meaning to it, I wont throw it out. Like seriously, I still have the outfit I wore on me and my boyfriend's first date around here somewhere. No lie. I havent worn it in like 4 years but I cant just throw it out, you know?! I dont know... blah!

Super excited for this weekend! Trying out Melting Pot with one of my good friends and going to see Wicked. After that, counting down the days til Martin leaves. Not sure if I'm gonna drop him off the night before he leaves or stop by the morning he leaves to see him swear in before leaving. Its just that, that's at 9AM and where hes gonna be is a 2hr drive from where I am. So that means I'm gonna have to wake up super early and I have no one to come with me (I have this insane fear of driving on the freeway alone). So, I dont know =( but I do want to be with him right before he leaves, you know? *sigh*.

I'm so thankful that one of my good friends always ends her sentence with "its okay! we'll figure something out...!" its nice to know shes excited to help me through this. I know, sounds weird right? But, she gets it. And I'm glad she does. Only sucks that she lives way across the bridge from me and my other really good friend lives an hour or two away from me! Damn you guys! Its okay though. Argh, I hate thinking about him leaving, I get all sad!

So its... Labor Day? And I dont know what that means lol. My family isnt too big on holidays. All I know is that its a day that would be a bad idea to go out so its a stay-home-holiday LOL. My favorite hosting company had a promo and I missed it by 2 hours but I tried it anyway and it worked! So I'm excited, I'm going to be setting up a blog/site for me and Martin. Yay! Did laundry today... yep. Hellur exciting right? Haha. I need to clean out this room. My desk is making me feel very... distracted. OH! One of my necklaces fell and so I tried to fix it and ALL of my necklaces ended up tangled together. I'm so bad. I just left the clump on my desk. Trying to untangle that crap is going to suck!


My-My said...

I'm so sorry. It's Loves Cupcakes.

Loves Cupcakes
85 E San Fernando St
San Jose, CA 95113-2511

hahaha. I was just thinking how awesome it would be to work there. Nothing would be sold. lol. and I'd get fat.

mmm. . . when I hear Emryville, all I can think about is the Food Market, I'll run around there. :D

You can go to Costco and get a decent size External Harddrive to back up your games. I don't use it as much, but it sure does save me when I do need to back up massive files. OH! or put them in rar files and put it on a CD. hope that helps. As for the MMOs I think you're gonna have to wait through that. waiting for games to download sucks butt.

I used to work at an education supply store, and I would have teachers asking for any materials about it, and in my head I'm like, "WTF?!" . . . I still don't know what its about.

Anonymous said...

hey girl~ oh gosh i hate it when theres something wrong with my comp. I actually just had a computer guy fix my computer because it had a virus and it killed my whole system, even my recovery system so I couldn't even format my comp. Anyways, about the NYX shadows, for me personally I like it in the pot because now you can use all of the product and use it in different ways and with different brushes and also its more hygenic and you can use it on other ppl too. =)