Saturday, September 5, 2009


I scanned my PC last night and woke up this morning to my virus scan (McAfee) saying it found 24 trojan's. Two of which were linked to my online game. Wtf?! I'm so sad it found trojan's... I've had this PC for a year and managed to not get any. It's like every time I get a PC that has a virus, I dont wanna use it anymore. Even if it is quarantined. What if it escapes?! =(

UGH. Stupid internet and your stupid viruses! This didnt start happening til I started using Google Chrome! Does anyone know if it's protected against viruses? Cause I know my Mozilla has a bar at the bottom that tells me if a site is or isnt infected. Blah!


Anonymous said...

Ugh Trojans. "Nasty litt'o buggers" (Oliver Wood) lol. Sorry. I just watched HP#1 yesterday and I've got various lines stuck in my head. lol.

Have you ever tried AVG Free/Pro? I have the Free and it's been working great for me so far. *knock on wood*

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah! RE: I send emails to my blogger Email address. It's so weird but my thumbs don't hurt. Probably cuz I'm just so into typing what I'm trying to say that I just blank everything else out. lol