Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Stomach Pains.

So an update on the stomach pains... I went to the hospital the next day and she did the usual check up stuff and she set an appt for a CAT scan and she sent in a request for the headache specialist since I told her about my frequent headaches. Which sucks cause I've been asking my previous doctors to send me (I've had this problem for the last 6 years) and they always refused. So I'm happy about that. I'm not happy about the CAT scan or the pages of lab work I have to get done.

My CAT scan is in a few days and honestly, I'm terrified. I dont wanna take the "drink of doom" (or what I call it) and I dont wanna be stuck with an IV in my arm/hand and getting an iodine shot! It just sounds miserable and painful. Worst 15-30 minutes of my life. I hope I dont chicken out and end up cancelling it. My mom and Martin want to make sure I get it done. Cause what if something IS wrong? And I'm just being a baby about it. But I'm really really really... really really scared. Like seriously, every time I think about it, I get nauseous and I start feeling sick. Ugh. What do I do?!

So I'm gonna be busy this week. I'm also going to see the Wizard of Oz 70th anniversary in theaters. I also found out that the original Elphaba (Idina) played NANCY on Enchanted! And shes married to Taye Diggs (one of my favorite actors) and Galinda (Kristin) played Olive on Pushing Dasies! I hated Nancy in Enchanted and Olive creeped me out ahaha. Funny and odd right? I think Idina makes a wonderful Elphaba! I hope they're in the movie when they make one. Ahhh. I wanna see it again!

I told my bro for my wedding gift I want Wicked tickets and hes like "so what if EVERYONE bought you Wicked tickets?" and I was like "OMG I'm so excited! That's a wonderful idea" hahaha he thought I was nuts.

Not even the Wicked soundtrack is cheering me up (okay maybe it, a little). I feel like ugh. =(

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Anonymous said...

Hey girl~ dont be nervous, I've gotten a CAT scan done at a hospital because I was admitted to the ER for stomach pain but its not so bad besides the fact that the stuff they make you drink makes you wanna pee right after REALLY bad lol But other than that, its a piece of cake! =) But it can't be worst than an MRI. I've gotten two MRIs done for my headaches and I had to lay there for 40 minutes and they had to inject contrast into my arm after 20 minutes to see my brain more clearly and the 2nd time I actually had an allergic reaction to the contrast and my face starting having these hives. Luckily it went away the next day. I was really nervous of getting the results but I turned out to be okay, they said it might be just stress and not sleeping well =)

Dont worry girl, I've done it all and you'll be fine =P