Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I discovered GMH on tumblr last night. And I cant stop reading it!

The world can be a harsh and unforgiving place and sometimes you cant help but wonder why you're even here. Or how things can possibly even get better. But for me, on the days when I lost all hope in people, a random stranger always changes that.

I remember being angry one day and I just wanted to get out of the house. I found myself at Albertsons looking for chips to snack on while I sit in my car and mope. An elderly man joined me, searching for his favorite chips and struck up a conversation with me. For no reason. That conversation, lifted my spirits. And every time I'm in that chip isle, I always think of him!

I worked at Linens N Things for 9 months. And working in retail can be horrible sometimes, customers can be rude for no reason. I was having a bad week, I dont remember why. Maybe fighting with my boyfriend and getting crap at work and dealing with OCD... but I answered the phone one day. The lady on the other end of the line was setting up for an event and she was looking for a certain type of table cloth. I'm not really allowed to leave my register but no one else was around and the table cloth was placed in a section across from me during that time so I figured I'll just go look, I had nothing better to do. I came back and told her I found what she was looking for. She kept saying thank you and insisted that she reward me. I told her it wasnt a big deal, I was just doing my job and she told me that it didnt matter and wrote down my name. I came back to work the next day and there was a card waiting for me at my register. It was from her. Telling me thank you and it had a $10 bill in it. I kept that card with me and when I was having a rough day, I'd open it and read it.

There are other times when customers would say something or even just strike up a conversation with me while I was ringing up their things that would brighten my day. One lady commented on how tiny my hands were, I told them I hated that they were tiny. She looked me, smiled and said "well, I think they're beautiful".

And of course, my long lost brother stopping by after not seeing him for almost a year (due to our busy-ness) to give me a gift. His gift was what I needed, though I know he was in more need than I was. Bro, you should know that you just being in my life is enough. But thank you for always going beyond.

Reading this site made me think of all the times a random stranger or a friend did something that was above and beyond and as much as I spend time hating how messed up this world is, maybe it isnt as messed up as we all think it is, maybe the messed up part is the only part we're really exposed to. And that in itself, is a shame.

I recently realized how tiring and how pointless it is to be angry and to hate the world and how the more negativity you put out, the more you're welcoming in. Last year, I joined To Write Love On Her Arms, an organization that I strongly believe in. This year, I joined ItStartsWithUs. I love what they stand for and though the world might not be all saved, I'm all for making someone's day or week brighter by sacrificing my time or my extra few dollars. Knowing I brought someone happiness, makes me happier than I could ever imagine being.

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