Sunday, October 25, 2009

I lied, this weekend was eventful.

Yesterday me and the future sis in law woke up at 0645 and headed to the Ferry building to take the Ferry to SF. Man, its been years since I've taken the ferry or the Muni. We go to SF and since we got there 10 minutes early, I stopped by my favorite bakery Miette. Picked up an Opera cake and a Caramel Panna Cotta. Made our way to Muni and took it to Civic Center. I was afraid we'd get lost but we didnt, yay! Grabbed some Burger King for breakfast and went to Behind The Emerald Curtain.

Took pictures of everything, it wasnt what I thought it would be... it was basically a room that had poster boards and props and the dresses up and two members of the cast (for us it was a swinger who sometimes also plays the main flying monkey Cheshiery and also sometimes plays Boq) and Fiyero. They tell you a little about behind the scenes, the costumes, the makeup, how everything is pretty much a wig (I always wondered how they curled Glinda's hair so fast!) and things like that. You watch a few video clips, they tell you a few stage secrets, have a Q&A and that's about it. I did get to take a picture with Fiyero and I did get to ask "Boq" about the part where Elphaba makes him into the Tinman, is it two different people... cant tell you what he said though! If you want to see pictures of the event, I'll be posting them on my Flickr.

After that, went to see if they had any open tickets just to see. And walked away with two tickets for the early show haha! But the thing that sucked was the tickets I bought were $80 cheaper and wayyy closer than the previous tickets I had bought! Grrr. So we walked around, grabbed some lunch and headed back to watch Wicked at 2PM. We had floor seats! I didnt know that! But it was off to the left and though you're up close, it was hard to see the middle of the stage and the left side of the stage. Defying Gravity looked amazing that up close!

A couple bloopers from last night's show?
  • In "No Good Deed" at the end where she goes "alright, enough so be it!" and she waves her arms around, Elphaba's cape stuck to her face. You could tell she was slightly off from the vents that blew up the air so yeah she had to pull it from her face hehe.
  • In "Dancing Through Life" the duet between Elphaba and Galinda where Galinda goes "you deserve each other, this hat and you, you're both so... smart" she said "sharp" instead of "smart". Hehe.
I really really enjoyed Behind The Scenes and Wicked. Best morning ever!

After the show we headed to Powell to the Bloomingsdale mall and had dinner at Straits. We had Lobster Pad Thai that cost $39. To be honest, it was totally worth the money. I am NOT a fan of lobster, at all. But this lobster was amazing. It was juicy, it was fresh, OMG. It was good. The Pad Thai wasnt as spicy as their normal Pad Thai but it was really really good. Even the green onions in it were good and I HATE green onions! Marissa was hooked on the Roti lol! After dinner I took her on the spiral escalators haha. Got my usual strawberry shortcake thingie and headed back to the Ferry building.

We missed the ferry by 2 minutes so we went back to Hyatt and the Ferry building was having some celeb culinary show. One of the girls from the Food Network cake challenges was there. But I didnt recognized the other people. So we went back to Hyatt and walked around. I asked if they still had the rotating restaurant and they didnt. A really nice host at the lobby lounge was telling me how someone bought that Hyatt and the new manger got rid of it two years ago. Aww, that sucks. The host was really nice and friendly. He was like "but when I get enough money to buy this place back, I'll call you!" cause he use to work there lol. Got on the ferry finally and man, I was ready to nap but didnt get to.

Tiring but fun day!

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