Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I take that back...

I thought it was almost Spring...!

The weather has been really cold and icky lately. It storms like crazy in the morning. I saw flashes of lightning on the freeway yesterday (finally! I'm a huge fan of lightning, I've been waiting for a year and a half for lightning around here) and now we're getting tornado warnings... in California?! Earthquakes sure, that's nothing new but TORNADOS?!

Is it bad that if I were caught in a tornado I would totally be looking forward to landing in the wonderful world of Oz? Maybe I can tell the Wizard he isnt wonderful and I can tell Glinda it's okay that Fiyero ran off with Elphaba and her travel bubble is awesome and that the Tinman is my hero? Okay maybe those were more of Wicked refrences, but still.


School starts this week but my classes dont start til next week. I'm hoping it doesnt still storm next week. Finding parking the first week of school is hard enough without a storm distracting you.

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