Sunday, January 3, 2010

A piece of me in: January 10'

I like:
  • That the wedding chaos is finally over!!!
  • That I had a wonderful holiday this year
  • That I got married!

I dont like:
  • Being in debt thanks to said wedding lol
  • That I have Jury Duty for the first time ever this month (wth is Jury Duty anyway)
  • Winter. Thought I'd never say it but this cold is just too much for me!

I want you to know:
  • I am SO glad to had met such wonderful people on blogger and youtube this passed year. It's been such a great experience! You're all wonderful!
  • That I plan to update as frequently as I can! Since I havent been hauling, my beauty blog wont be updated as much as it use to be, but I have some changes in mind that I'm excited about!

I've planned:
  • To continue to make jewelry, no matter how discouraged I get!
  • To fulfill majority of my New Years resolutions (the ones I'm certain on)
  • To go back to work (even though I really really really dont want to)
  • Set a day a week to update if I should be unable to update frequently
  • To sell A BUNCH of my makeup that I have not used or even touched!

I want to say to someone special:

I wish we'd keep in touch more, ever since you got married you've been ignoring me and that sucks. Its odd we're not keeping in touch and I cant help but wonder why.


Anonymous said...

We're all so glad to have met you too Marie!!! :)

Congratulations again on getting married! How does it feel?

OoOo selling makeup soon? ;) Can't wait to see it! :D

RYC: I've never played Animal Crossing before! Is it that good? I like Harvest Moon because I get to farm, have animals, run around the town solving mysteries/problems, have a family, build up my farm, etc. I'm playing the Wii version now but I definitely like the GB version better...faster loading time. :P

Toothfairy said...

again, yay for getting married, I'm really happy for you! and yeah... it's super cold! I can't stand it either... btw, I'm glad we don't have jury duty here in the Netherlands. I have the idea that I would suck at it hahaha!

Good luck on your plans, that's quite a few!


OceanDreams said...

What wonderful plans and congrats on getting married! should definitely keep going on creating jewelry. That sounds like an exciting venture!

Kym said...

WOOOHOOO! so is marriage awesome? haha! let me know what i'm getting myself into in the future! ;P jk jk...

Toothfairy said...

hey hey hey I want to see some pictures of the wedding :P